SIRA Fitness Test, Dubai Security License, Certificate (UAE)

SIRA Fitness Test, Dubai Security License, Certificate (UAE)

What is the procedure for the SIRA fitness test, training, and obtaining a license for security guards in Dubai?

The SIRA Cadre Training Center (SCTC) is located at 44th Street, Al Mamzar near Century Mall, next to Dubai International Bowling Center. All activities like SIRA training, SIRA exam (computer-based), and physical fitness tests are conducted inside this training center. Sometimes, the SIRA physical fitness test is conducted at Dubai Police Academy (DPA) which is an educational institute situated at Sheikh Zayed Road, Al Sufouh 2, Dubai between the Madinat Jumeirah resort and the Mall of the Emirates. DPA has an indoor hall with air conditioning whereas SCTC doesn’t have an enclosed hall so you must take precautions before attending physical fitness, especially during hot seasons. We will discuss it later. 

After completion of week-long training followed by a written examination and physical test, you are eligible to receive a security license and SIRA certificates with the mentioned validation which includes : 

• Certificate of Training 

• Basic Fire Safety Training Certificate

(Valid for 2 years)

• Basic Life Support (Security Guard) Certificate 

(Valid for 2 years)

• Police Clearance Certificate 

(Valid for 3 months)

• Dealing with People of Determination (POD) during crisis Disasters & Emergency 

(Valid for 2 years)

• SIRA Physical Fitness Test Certificate 

(Valid for 3 months)

The security license must be renewed every 2 years and you need to attend the SIRA physical fitness test again for it. If you have an older certificate from Dubai Protective System (DPS) then you must now change it to a SIRA certificate by the above-mentioned process. 

You can apply for the SIRA training personally or through your security company. If you are doing it by yourself then you must visit the SCTC and follow the registration process and take classes on the appointed dates. If you are employed in a company, they will notify you when to take the course. The company also provides basic training on their behalf. 

What is the Physical Fitness Test in SIRA Security Guard training? 

SIRA Physical Fitness Test is important in the security field because you don’t know when you have to perform evacuation, escape from fire, or risk which requires you to be physically fit. It is neither too much easy nor too hard to pass. After the completion of attendance and meetings on how the test will be done, a group of 5 people is made ready for the test. We will discuss how the test is taken, how you can pass easily, and some safety measures and precautions before a physical fitness exam. 

The physical fitness test module 

1. Beep Test

2. Horizontal Jumping Test

3. Sled Pushing Test

4. Sled Pulling Test

5. Sprinting Test

1. Beep Test

This is the first test and you have to run a distance of 20 meters once the beep sound is heard and reach the end line before the next beep sound is heard. Every beep sound is alert to run from one point to another and return. If you can’t reach to next point on time, you will be warned by the trainer. After the third warning, you will be disqualified from the test. 

Females have to pass with level 3.5. Whereas males have to pass with level 4.9, 32 times running 20m covering 640m in total. 

Tip: Start with a slow run and gradually increase your speed on each level. Take a deep breath when you reach the endings, keep your mouth closed, and take a breath from your nose, it will help you to keep control of your heartbeat. So, start practicing running a few days before your test because good preparation is better than regretting it later.

You must pass this step to continue the fitness test ahead otherwise you will be considered to have failed and need to re-apply for the test later.   

2. Horizontal Jumping Test

After you complete the beep Test, you go to the place where the horizontal jump test is going to be conducted. It’s a long jump and has 3 chances to cross the line, 1.8 meters for males and 1.6 meters is the required distance to be covered. 

Tip: Start practicing jumping a few days before the test marking 1.8 meters & 1.6 meters (male & female) distance. You will have an idea of how capable you are to pass this step.

Don’t worry, failing to cross this test doesn’t disqualify you, you can still move on to the next step. 

3. Sled Pushing Test

After the completion of the horizontal Jumping Test, you move ahead to Sled Pushing Test. Males have to push a 30 kg sled for a distance of 10 meters in 4 seconds. Whereas females have to push a sled weighing 15kg in 5 seconds for the same distance of 10 meters.

The trainer gives chances for re-test if you failed to reach on time. Even if you can’t pass this test you can move forward but only if you have passed on previous steps. 

4. Sled Pulling Test

When you push the sled, the next step is to pull it back from where you had started. The same sled with 30 kg for males has to be pulled back 10 meters within 6 seconds. For females, 15 kg of sled must be pulled within 7 seconds for a 10-meter distance. 

The trainer allows for re-testing in this step. If you fail this step but pass on the previous steps then you can proceed to the next step.

Tips: Make sure in Sled Pushing, you need to hold the sled a little bit down from the top portion to make proper balancing while sliding. Also, make sure your hands are free of sweat for proper grip. 

In the Sled Pulling Test, you need to pull with a rope-like structure. Make sure the mass of the sled is centralized by holding the rope with both hands at an equal level.

5. Sprinting Test

If you have passed all four tests mentioned above then congratulations to you, you have completed your physical fitness test successfully. If you have failed one of the steps (except the beep test) then, you have to go through this step which will be the determining factor of whether you will pass or fail the test. 

In this step, males have to run for a distance of 35 meters within 6 seconds whereas females have to run the same 35 meters of distance within 8 seconds. 

What are Safety measures and precautions before a SIRA physical fitness test or exam?

In this session, we will discuss the Safety measures and precautions before a SIRA physical fitness test or exam. Security Training Affairs Department has provided the guidelines as illustrated in the picture provided. We will brief these points for your better understanding.

• Warm-up exercise

Warm-up is the act of stretching body parts and making the body ready using light exercise or practice for a workout or a heavy performance like sports, or dancing. By doing it, you make your body active for the physical fitness test. In addition, you must avoid heavy exercise for the 24 hours before the exam because it may affect your performance. 

• Drinking and eating

It is advised to drink enough water 2 hours before the test because you gonna waste a lot of sweat during the test. Also, you need to take a sufficient amount of snacks before attending the exam. Avoid eating and drinking a lot of stuff including energy drinks and also avoid attending the test with an empty stomach. 

• Illness or Injuries 

If you have an illness or any injuries, you must report to your company or report to the SCTC office to postpone your fitness test because even if you pass the exam it is risky for your health as it may degrade. Never attempt the test when you are sick.

• Sound Sleep 

Before attending the test, make sure that you have enough sleep. Good sleep will gonna help you for your better performance. 

• Medicine uses 

Medicine uses are not advisable especially pain killers because it will affect your health if you force yourself to pass the test that you can’t pass normally. It is better to choose other sectors if you are unfit for this test. 

At last, physical fitness is required not only for this session but for your well-being also. This test will again be held when you renew your license every 2 years. 

People also ask 

• How much is the SIRA training fee in Dubai?

SIRA training fee in Dubai is 1625 dirhams. 

• How can I get a SIRA security guard certificate?

You can get an SIRA security guard certificate by attending a security course at SCTC and passing computer-based SIRA exams and physical fitness tests.

• What is the cost of the SIRA physical fitness test?

It will cost you 100 dirhams for the SIRA physical fitness test.

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