Staff Accommodation rules and regulations in Dubai, UAE

Staff Accommodation Rules and Regulations

Introduction of staff accommodation

Staff accommodation is the residential place provided by the company to their employees for staying purposes. Only a few high-level staff are provided a luxury apartment or room. The rest of them, lower grade staff are provided a room at villas or camps. In this session, we will learn about the general rules and regulations for the staff to follow in accommodations situated in Dubai.

Staff Accommodation Rules and Regulations

1. Respect the local culture and traditions of UAE, all religions, and nations

All the residents must know the basic practices of the country where they are living. The United Arab Emirates is rich in Arabic and Islamic culture and tradition. Currently, people from more than 192 nations are living in the UAE. You must respect the culture, religion, and all nations to maintain peace and prosperity which is also an ethical responsibility of everyone. The best part of respect is that it costs nothing. Building a positive relationship with each other also enables the creation of a healthy environment.

2. Maintain proper hygiene and grooming 

Proper hygiene and grooming are the basic requirements of the company. Taking a regular bath (as Dubai is a hot place and people often sweat in minutes), cutting nails, brushing, washing hands and using sanitizers, using a face mask (in terms of COVID-19), etc fall under personal hygiene and trimming or shaving hair, beard and mustache come in grooming standard. Staff failing to follow it is liable for disciplinary action.

3. Understand the method of work

The company is responsible for providing necessary training, and briefings to their staff on how to perform the work. Staff must attend those classes and learn to work properly. It helps in the efficiency of the worker and benefits the company. 

4. Adhere to the dress code, wearing proper clothes and covering the body 

All the staff should wear a dress code assigned by the company as it reflects professionalism. If any clothes are damaged, they should be replaced immediately. Wearing dress improperly such as wearing a tie randomly, or wearing shoes or caps unauthorized by a company can cause disciplinary actions.

5. Visitors to enter and exit on time

Most companies don’t allow visitors to enter the staff accommodation due to security reasons. Some companies allow visitors of staff to meet them in a specific area at a specific time. None of the companies will allow visitors to stay overnight. 

6. Eat and drink in designated areas

Always use designated areas provided by the company for eating and drinking purposes. It helps in getting rid of cockroaches, and other insects in living spaces and maintaining a clean environment.

7. Report any hazards and accidents to camp management

It is the key responsibility of staff to report any hazards and accidents to the camp management. It helps to minimize the potential risk that might cause if timely action can’t be taken. 

8. Report lost and found items to camp management

If anything is missing or found, you need to report it to the camp management or a security guard. Items like keys, ID cards, wallets, and phones, often keep on missing. It also credits your goodwill in the eye of management.

9. Provide suggestions and recommendations, that will help the camp operation

Nothing will change overnight in the camp, but at least if you can provide suggestions and recommendations to the camp administration, they can implement them according to the requirements. There might be some issues that can’t be noticed by the management, but staff can identify them. 

10. Use a trash bin

Keep in mind that throwing waste anywhere is punishable in camp accommodation. It must be thrown in the trash bins provided. Always think that your pocket is the first dustbin. The world is already full of waste. Make an effort from your side to set an example of a clean environment. 

11. Cook in the kitchen only

The kitchens provided are facilitated with a wet chemical fire extinguisher and blankets, which help in putting out a fire during an emergency.  Cooking in the living room or any other unauthorized place is not allowed.

12. Hang clothes on cloth hangers only

Hanging the clothes on the staircase, and corridors don’t seem attractive. Clothes must be hung in the proper area. 

13. Smoking in designated places only

Many people may not be aware that cigarette buds may cause a fire if not disposed of properly. Smoking in public areas, rooms, corridors, and staircases is strictly prohibited. Always use designated places for smoking.

14. Do not bring/consume alcohol & drugs

Consumption of alcohol and drugs causes lots of disturbance in accommodation management. Staff found selling, or bringing those prohibited things inside the camp may face termination and legal action can be taken in the case of drugs.

15. Avoid using offensive language

The company takes strict action against those who use offensive language because it harms the healthy environment and may lead to conflicts.

16. Do not fight or quarrel

Fighting and quarreling never end any problem, instead, it increases. So, always avoid situations that may create conflict. 

17. Do not steal

Stealing or using others’ property without their authority is considered a crime. Legal action is taken against the person who is found doing it. 

18. Do not spread rumors or gossip

If you heard something bad about the company or anything else (like the company is going to be the default, the company is in heavy loss) don’t circulate it to the masses. If you are facing any problems, you can talk to the camp management.

19. Do not be involved in sexual harassment

Sexual harassment is punishable by law. Avoid involving in such issues. 

20. Do not keep sharp objects 

Keeping unusual sharp objects (except kitchen knives) that may be used as a weapon is not allowed. 

21. Do not damage accommodation property, misuse companies’ tools 

Misusing the tools provided by the company and damaging accommodation property fall under violation. The company may impose fines and terminate the staff without his statements. 

22. Do not take gifts from occupants, client

Some people may offer gifts and take some information or something else related to your company. It should be avoided and informed to the senior or camp management. 

23. Don’t spit everywhere

Some people have an unhygienic habit of spitting everywhere. It may affect other roommates or staff. It must be avoided.

24. Do not make noise

Disturbing other people by making loud noises is strictly prohibited as other staff may feel more stressed. They have to take a rest at accommodation in a peaceful environment. 

25. Do not use carpet or curtains

Staff accommodation rooms are already congested. Using carpets and curtains may lead to fire hazards and difficulty in cleanliness. You should avoid keeping extra materials. 

26. Do not feed pets

Staff is not allowed to feed the birds, cats, or dogs. 

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