Suicide Attempt: The heartbreaking real incident | Security Guard

Suicide Attempt Incident from 2017

Around 09:52 PM, I was sitting in the CCTV Control Room, monitoring the camera. Suddenly, I noticed lots of people gathering near the junction of four buildings. When I reached there, I found one person lying on the floor with blood around. 

Suicidal attempt, part 1

I requested all people to leave the location and called the Emergency Number for the Ambulance and Police. Meanwhile, I informed the Supervisor about the incident and requested backup.

When I completed cordoning the area, the Supervisor came with three other security guards. The supervisor deployed those guards to control the crowd and incident area. 

Suicidal attempt, part 2

The camp office of that building was closed already. I called Camp Boss and informed him about the incident and I told him to provide the details of the person. After some time, Camp’s boss came down to his office. His assistant went to the incident place and came back.

I received a message from the Supervisor to proceed CCTV room. I took details of the person from the Camp office and went back to the CCTV room. My Supervisor was with one of the Police officers. The police officer requested to check the CCTV footage of the incident. By that time, that person was taken by Ambulance. 

In CCTV footage we found at 09:48, that person jumped from the window of the 1st floor staircase. He then woke up re-entered the building and jumped again at 9:52. *The window from where he jumped this time was not under camera coverage as the camera was focused on the lower part of the building. 

Later it was known he had jumped from the 3rd floor staircase window. As he fell at high speed and touched the ground there was no movement. After a few seconds, blood begins to flow. 

Suicidal attempt, part 3

More than 10 people were recording video of this incident on their phones after the person’s first attempt at jumping. My eyes were wet. My heart feels that the humanity of humans is lost in this modern era. I feel bad how people can record the video instead of saving the life of someone. Even a single person in that crowd did not bother to stop that person.

There is no information as to why the person did it and whether is he alive or not but even half a decade later those memories are bursting in my mind.

Suicidal attempt, part 4

I just wanna say to those people who are reading this, ‘YOU’ are important, it doesn’t matter if the situation goes bad, or worse. You are born for a reason. Do not sacrifice it. If you are depressed and don’t want to live in a selfish world, then try helping a few people to make their world better, you will gradually learn to live. Life is more important than you think. Believe me, there is nothing in the universe worth your life. Say no to ‘Suicide’ or ‘Self-destruction’.

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