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Security guard related questions for preparation of exam.

These are the collection of solved security-related questions. You can recommend it to a person who is willing to work as a professional security guard in preparation for a written exam.

11.  Three functions of the alarm system are ………..

a. Detection, Control, Deduction

b. Detection, Control, Output/Action

c. Detection, Control, Function

12. All health and safety initiatives begin with ………

a. Response

b. Planning

c. Risk Assessment

d. Evaluation

13. The color of the carbon dioxide fire extinguisher is ……

a. Red

b. Blue

c. Black

d. Yellow

14. First Aid is important because ……..

a. It helps you

b. It saves your relative

c. It preserves life

d. It is included in your course

15. Three main sectors of the security industry are ……..

a. People, Place, Object

b. Manned Services, System, Physical Security

c. Security, Client, Service

16. The color of the false/fault alarm in the control panel is …….

a. Yellow

b. Red

c. Green

d. Black

17.  In First Aid, R-I-C-E means ……….

a. Right, Incline, Care, Estimate

b. Rest, Individual carry, Compression, Elevation

c. Rest, Ice, Compression, Elevation

18. Maximum age for a security guard is ……..

a. 60

b. 50

c. 45

d. 40

19. ……. falls under discrimination.

a. Potential

b. Ability

c. Experience

d. Race

20.  Four basic components of communication are ………

a. Transmission, Verbal, Understanding, Feedback

b. Transmission, Visual, Understanding, Feedback

c. Transmission, Reception, Understanding, Feedback

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