Security Guard Question Bank 3 (Solved) Professional Guidance | SIRA, PSBD

Security Guard Question Bank collection

Security Guard Question Bank 3 (Solved) Professional Guidance | SIRA, PSBD

These are the collection of solved security-related questions. You can recommend it to a person who is willing to work as a professional security guard in preparation for the written exam. Best of luck for your professional life. 

21. The best method to extinguish fires of electrical components is 

a. Carbon dioxide

b. Powder

c. Water

d. foam 

22. What does PPC stand for?

a. Personal protective clothing

b. Personal protective care 

c. People place customer

d. None of the above

23. What are the sources of heat?

a. Overheating equipment 

b. Sun

c. Sparks

d. All of the above

24. From where do you get oxygen in natural form ?

a. Water

b. Air

c. Tree

d. None of the above 

25. Most common emergency situation that is faced by a security guard is

a. Flood

b. Fire

c. Windstorm 

d. Earthquake

26. …… is the orderly management of large group of people.

a. People control 

b. Crowd control

c. Vehicle control

d. Curd control

27. Landlord and tenant dispute falls under which law ?

a. Felony

b. Criminal

c. Traffic

d. Civil

28. The evidence of any incident must be able to trace continuously from time of origin to the time it is used in court. What is this process called ?

a. Establishing continuity of evidence

b. Establishing connectivity of evidence

c. Establishing clearity of evidence

d. None of the above.

29. If you ……. , you can deal with prejudice?

a. Ignore

b. Fence

c. Work

d. Approved

30. What is called fuel in fire ?

a. anything that can be burnt in the fire

b. anything that can be used to put out the fire

 c. Petrol 

d. diesel

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