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Dubai security guard interview questions and answers | UAE

Security guards are employed in Dubai not just to safeguard persons, property, and premises, but also to provide customer service and client satisfaction. Interviewers who are taking Dubai security guard interview questions and answers always look for certain characteristics in a candidate for the post of ‘Security Guard,’ as he must deal with civil laws and aid local authorities with criminal laws at the workplace. After being chosen, you must complete a week of training at the SIRA office in Dubai and score 38 out of 60 on the computer-based SIRA exam. You must also complete a physical test to obtain a security license and then you may be deployed to work.

We will look at how to prepare for an interview for the position of ‘Security Guard’ in this session. First and foremost, you must open your mouth and be confident. They will not hire you if you are unable to speak up. Simple tip: if you don’t know any of the answers in the security field, tell them you’ll gradually learn them during training instead of giving wrong answers and prepare yourself before starting to work.

When your turn for an interview comes, greet them with professionalism like, “Good morning, Sir/Madam”, or “Good afternoon, Sir/Madam”. Ask, “May I take a seat?” before taking a seat. Maintain constant eye contact and a good smile on your face. It will have a positive influence on the interviewer, and the majority of the selection choice is made during the first few minutes of the interview. Let’s go over some probable inquiries he or she might have.

Dubai security guard interview questions and answers 

1. Tell me a little bit about yourself.

Just define yourself. They may simply be verifying that you are the right person for an interview based on the documentation you have submitted. Try to avoid discussing your family or hobbies unless they ask about them.


My name is Sagar Gurung, aged 27. I’ve been with Nadipur Security Services for almost two years. I’ve worked both day and night shifts in the past. I’m eligible for security guard because I’m responsible, vigilant, confident, strong, and resilient, and that’s why I’m here. I am someone you can count on in all situations, particularly those that require you to step outside of your comfort zone. And I genuinely hope you will allow me to put my words into action.

Hello, my name is Bikash Thapa and I am from Pokhara. I am 27 years old and have worked under SIRA in Dubai for more than 5 years. I am well-versed in access control, patrolling, fire alarm control panels (FACP), CCTV, radio communication, and many other aspects of security. My credentials are connected to the resume I submitted to you. I have met all of the requirements for your company. If you have any questions concerning my previous jobs or anything else, please ask.

2. What, in your opinion, are the primary responsibilities of a security guard?

Focus directly on the responsibilities of a security guard based on your experiences or studies. You must be able to appropriately respond to it because it is the most significant aspect of your job.


The main responsibilities of security are: 

– Ensure safety by patrolling areas 

– Provide a stable and strong presence to ensure customers and clients feel supported and safe in the environment

– Monitor CCTV and assist colleagues to minimize crimes in the area

– Report all incidents/accidents and violations 

– Access control for vehicles and people

– Deal properly with aggressive customers 

Some of the responsibilities of security are as below:

– Access Control 

– Radio Communication 

– Writing Incident Report 

– Update LOG Book 

– Patrolling 

– Operate FACP panel 

– CCTV monitoring 

– Assisting Emergency Services (Police, Ambulance, Fire Department)

3. How do you deal with dangerous situations?

In case of a dangerous circumstance, Important judgments must be taken swiftly. Consider other scenarios how you would have responded and what you would have undertaken. These types of mental drills prepare you to act effectively if you ever find yourself in a risky scenario.


First of all, I Keep calm and make my way to safety. Then I help others in any manner I can without affecting my safety. In case the emergency services are not already on the scene, I notify them immediately. Also, I maintain my knowledge and follow any recommendations from the local authorities. To avoid overburdening the network, I just make necessary phone calls or radio communications. 

I would prefer to take an immediate decision to overcome the dangerous situation as it may get worse with time. I will contact my senior and take proper advice on how to deal with that situation if I couldn’t take a decision. I will make people around that area aware of the situation so that in case of additional backup is required, I may take help from them. I would contact local authorities in case of incidents like fire, building collapse, gang fights, etc took place at my workplace.

4. Do you have any experience with surveillance devices or other technological tools?

You can give the answer based on your working experiences but in case you are not familiar with those things from your previous job or you are fresher then see example (A) below:


Well, I have worked as a security guard in a different field where I was not been familiar with surveillance devices, but I am a quick learner and assure you that I can work with the system if I get proper instruction and training. 

I have a lot of experience using CCTV and other technology. I can watch recorded video while paying attention to various cameras, record it, analyze it, and react to it. I have a solid understanding of computers and have used spreadsheets and other applications to record and preserve data that is relevant to my job.

5. How do you handle irate and hostile people?

This is something that will inevitably happen to you as a security guard, therefore your responses, show that you know conflict management. 


Anger is the nature of human beings when any unwanted things happen or the results aren’t in their favor. In such a scenario, I will try to listen to him/her more and try to understand the root cause. If there are possibilities to calm down the person with words then I will politely face him and try to relax. But if I feel the outcomes may be violent, I will take a step back and inform my seniors and take help from local authorities if necessary. 

Without being emotionally triggered by the circumstance, I can experience fury. My peaceful personality enables me to respond to circumstances as opposed to simply reacting to them. I maintain objectivity and am aware that my responsibility is to assure safety and bring peace back to the environment, not to take offense at anything.

6. What do you regard as your top security guard strength?

Employers can learn a lot about your perspective on your capacity to be a strong employee by answering this Dubai security guard interview question.


I believe I have a non-threatening presence in a setting while simultaneously forming authority to let people know I can step up into the strong energy that may be required. Also, I can lead a team or work by collaborating during emergencies.

I can maintain a balance between appearing cool, collected, and protective, demonstrating that I am in charge of the situation and am prepared to handle any dangers in the workplace. 

7. How do you function in a group?

Your teamwork abilities will certainly be tested during the security guard interview.


The security field is well-functioned by teamwork because most of the time when we are dealing with emergencies like a fire, building collapse, and so on it’s impossible to handle situations alone. As I have a good cooperative nature, I can properly work with a team and if necessary I can also lead a team and take immediate action to reduce the possible risk. 

I like the dynamic energy of a collaborative atmosphere and believe that when we combine, we can accomplish amazing things. I can keep in touch with all my coworkers because of my effective communication abilities, which helps our operations function smoothly.

8. What do you enjoy most about being a security guard?

You can easily identify the excellent qualities of security guards that indicate professionalism.


My favorite aspect of being a security guard is acting as a bridge between the customer and the client by upholding civil laws, ensuring people’s safety, raising awareness, and so on.

I believe the most precious aspect of this career is people’s trust that they are in a safe atmosphere because of a security guard.

9. What Does a Day in the Life of a Security Guard Look Like?

This query might reveal the applicant’s efficiency in the available position. If you lack experience, you must concentrate on performing the duties of a security guard.


I take over responsibility for the workplace including security equipment like a log book, keys, radio, and necessary information. After that, I patrol the area to make sure it is secure and free of problems. If any problems are discovered, I report them to the senior. I also comply with the client’s guidelines.

As a security guard, my normal day consisted of watching and surveying the property. To avoid any trespassers, I closely monitored every employee’s arrival and departure. We were tasked with looking for evidence of theft or entry, and we will notify the right once if any of the properties exhibit any symptoms of damage.

10. How Do You Handle Trespassers?

Interviewers are interested in the candidate’s reflexes and decision-making abilities. If you have any, please share them. Demonstrate that you are familiar with the protocol.


If I notice any unauthorized person trying to enter the premises, I will ask him/her for trespassing. If they are unsecured outside or have emergencies, I would inform my senior and try to help him out and I would tell him to exit from there following the guidelines of the workplace.

I shall follow the protocol given by the workplace. In ordinary situations, I will approach the person and politely ask them to leave without threatening them. However, if the person continues to be incompliant, I may be forced to request reinforcements or assistance from local authorities, especially if the person threatens other persons or property.

11. What do you know about first aid?

The purpose of this question is to determine whether you have any prior first-aid training. Do your best to convey accurate information.


Well, I just have a theoretical understanding of first aid from the classes I took in school. I might be knowledgeable enough after training.

I have a first aid certificate and have given first aid to some injured people in the past. The first aid kit includes a conforming bandage, a foil bandage, a triangular bandage with a pin, burn dressing, wound dressing (finger, medium, and large), plaster, nitrile gloves, eye wash, eye pads, adhesive tape, scissors, and resuscitation face shield, as well as a content list and leaflets. First aid is used to extend life, encourage healing, and stop additional injuries, and providing it is a security guard’s most important duty.

12. What Do You Consider To Be The Best Way To Enhance Workers’ Sensibility To Danger?

Along with being aware of their surroundings, employees are expected to promote awareness among one another. So express your viewpoint and emphasize its significance.


In my view, every employee must attend the training classes conducted by the company or client. They should establish a habit of reporting any dangers to the nearby security staff. So that a security guard can maintain and aware the rest of the employees regarding the risks and dangers as safety is everyone’s responsibility. 

I believe that regular emergency exercises are essential. Employees will be informed on what to do in an emergency by doing. Although learning from books may be more suitable, doing practical tasks also improves learning. Employees will be better able to behave appropriately as a result, which could prevent harm and fatalities altogether.

13. How do you deal with fire?

Controlling small fires to reduce their impact is a key responsibility of a security guard. Remember the times you have handled fire or simply imagine the scenario and answer accordingly.


(Residential apartment fire)

I will pull the manual call point (MCP) in case the fire scene is away from detectors to ring the fire alarm. I’ll phone Dubai Civil Defense and request backup from the seniors. I begin to evacuate the area. And if it is safe to do so, I will use a fire extinguisher or a fire hose reel to put out the fire; otherwise, I will wait for the civil defense team to arrive.

(Kitchen fire)

Let’s imagine that a frying pan has caught fire. First, I’ll put a lid on the frying pan or cover it with a damp cloth. If there is a fire blanket handy, I’ll use it to cover the fire. Cutting off the oxygen supply aids in putting out the flames. I would also stop the gas supply. Even the wet chemical is a possibility.

14. What should you do if a lift becomes stuck with passengers inside?

In this security guard interview question, the interviewer is interested in how you will respond if someone gets caught in the elevator. Respond in a way that demonstrates your ability to manage that kind of emergency.


First of all, I would call them on the phone that was hanging next to the elevator and reassure them that they shouldn’t panic and that help is on the way. I would continue talking to them, asking them how many of them were there, telling them to sit back and unwind on the base, not to worry, and other things.

Initially, I would interact with them using a nearby hung telephone and tell them not to run as soon as the door opens. I would let my superiors know, ask for assistance from my coworkers, use the lift key, and slowly open the door. After saving the people, I would record all of their information and report it to my superior. I would advise them to take a break before going back to their regular work in the meantime.

15. How Do You Stay Alert At Work Especially During The Night Shift?

A security guard may work long shifts even at night hence it is crucial to plan ways to stay alert on duty.


If I have to work night shifts, I will take enough sleep during the day time. I would take a cold shower before coming on duty which will make my body active the whole night. If the workplace is busy the whole night then there is no problem being alert, but in case the workplace is silent during nighttime, I would keep on patrolling the area to make myself active and alert.

It is well said that morning shows the day, so I would prepare myself well by taking sound sleep. I would make a proper routine of my duty and what I have to do the whole night like patrolling, and breaks timings. Whenever I feel sleepy I will just move around my workplace and start doing something that will take away the sleep like checking fire extinguishers checking dates, and troubles on the fire alarm control panel (FACP), etc. I will keep on washing my face with cold water. If breaks are available in between my work, then I could take a nap and be more alert all night. 

16. How did you hear about this interview?

These kinds of informal questions may be asked by an interviewer which doesn’t have any value addition to the hiring procedure. 


Well, I have seen the advertisement for hiring a security guard by your company in the newspaper. After that, I contacted the manpower agency and get all the information related to an interview. 

One of my friends who is an employee of your company informed me about this vacancy a few days ago. He told me about the goodwill of the company and I am here today to face an interview with you as I have experience working on the gulf for a few years. 

17. Why do you think we should employ you?

Here is where you may demonstrate your self-assurance in your worth as a security guard with references of experiences if available. 


Well, to be honest, I don’t have any experience working in the security field. But at the same time, I would like to assure you that I am a quick learner and already I have a lot of theoretical knowledge about the security system. And I will upgrade myself through group discussion, training, instructions from seniors and try my best in providing security services. 

With my background in a variety of security tasks and the skills I’ve highlighted in this interview, I believe I’d be an excellent addition to your team as I enjoy working as a security guard, and because I care about what I do, I put up a great level of effort on every shift.

Last but not least, I want to wish you success with your security guard interview. You will always be learning in this industry, and new challenges are waiting for you every day. So, if you know little about this field, don’t worry. However, before beginning this profession, make sure you are both physically and psychologically prepared because you may confront challenges. Working for more than seven years in this field, I have witnessed a large number of people quitting due to intense pressure from clients, employers, or people at the workplace. You can do it if you prepare yourself like a soldier and believe me, you can.

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