SIRA exam 60 questions and answers for security guards in Dubai with pdf | DPS | written test | 200 Questions

SIRA exam 60 questions and answers for security guards in Dubai with pdf | DPS | written test | 200 Questions

SIRA Exam Model Questions and Answers (with pdf)

Introduction to SIRA

SIRA stands for Security Industry Regulatory Agency, a government body in Dubai, which is responsible for licensing and controlling the security industry as well as certifying CCTV installation. A security License can be obtained by completing one week of training (40 hours) with written and physical testsTraining will cost you 1625 dirhams and has an Arabic or English language course. The training will cover topics such as Roles and Responsibilities, Conflict Management, Access Control, Law and Evidence, Crime Scene Protection, Emergency Systems, and Procedures, Patrolling techniques, Health and Safety at work, Dealing with Emergencies, Drugs, Customer Care & Communications Skills, Fire Safety Theory, Assisting CID, Tourist & Traffic, SIRA Security law, Security Awareness, First Aid Theory, People of Determination. All the SIRA exam questions are related to either the security field or the rules and regulations of the UAE

SIRA Training Center Contact Number: 04 288 7442

SIRA Training Center Location: 44th Street, Al Mamzar near Century Mall, next to Dubai International Bowling Center

SIRA exam questiona & answer

Although each set contains 60 questions, you must submit the correct 38 answers to pass the exam. In this session, we will discuss hundreds of solved questions that will help Security Guards practice for the Sira exam questions and answers with a PDF file attached at last. 

Share this with your friends and tell them to ask you a question try to answer them correctly and take note of how many correct answers you can make. Practice well before attending the exam. 

1. The phonetic word for the letter ‘B’ is 

a. Busy

b. Bravo

c. Best

d. Buzzer 

2. If you found illegal items while searching, what would you do?

a. It’s perfectly normal. Nothing to do.

b. Allow the individual to take the item with him and leave.

c. Take the item and keep it with you while you contact your supervisor and management.

3. Starving is the method of fire extinguishment by removing

a. Heat

b. Fuel

c. Oxygen

d. Chemical reaction

4. SIRA was established under which section?

a. Civil law

b. Criminal law

c. Law 12-(2016)

5. In the event of a fire, which of the following assignment instructions should a guard follow?

a. Site plan

b. Emergency action plan

c. A rapid index

6. The evacuation will be ordered by?

a. Security 

b. Management

c. Customer

d. Tenants

7. Which of the following is the most common cause of an accident?

a. Carelessness

b. Horseplay

c. The Workplace

d. Improper use of machine 

8. What does an accident book serve?

a. To determine the location of the accident.

b. As a result, the accident will not happen again.

c. To record all accidents on the site.

9. What is the phonetic word for the alphabet ‘N’?

a. Near

b. Now 

c. Network

d. November

10. What should a security guard do if he notices a suspicious object?

a. Don’t touch it. Inform the senior.

b. Using your mobile phone, request a backup.

c. Check to see what it is.

11. A security guard employer is considered a?

a. Internal customer

b. External customer

c. All of the above 

12. What should you do first if you’re going to search the vehicle?

a. Instruct the driver to turn off the engine.

b. Tell the driver to stay and continue looking.

c. Tell the driver to remain inside the vehicle.

13. What should a security guard do if the building is on fire?

a. Allow people to panic inside the building.

b. Keep calm and evacuate people.

c. Go outside by using a lift.

d. Place them in a wide area and pick them up one by one.

14. What will you do in a conflict situation?

a. Understand your coworkers’ strengths and weaknesses.

b. You and your colleagues must decide whether you are capable of dealing with the situation.

c. Request additional backups.

15. Which of the fire extinguishers below has a large nozzle?

a. CO2 extinguisher 

b. DCP extinguisher 

c. Water extinguisher 

d. Wet chemical extinguisher 

16. Is it safe to use the radio if you come across a remote control bomb?

a. Use the radio.

b. Don’t use the radio.

c. Use the phone instead.

17. The phonetic word for the alphabet ‘Q’ is 

a. Quebec

b. Quick

c. Quiet 

d. Questions

18. What will you do if a bomb threat is received?

a. Check to see if the building has been completely evacuated.

b. Look for survivors of the building collapse.

c. Search after the arrival of the Bomb expert.

19. Do you know that 50% of customer communication is done through?

a. Word

b. Non-verbal

c. Voice

d. Written

20. The emergency contact number of Dubai Civil Defense is

a. 999

b. 998

c. 997

d. 991 

21. What exactly is hand-free searching?

a. Hand gloves are being used to search.

b. Walking through a scanning machine or metal detector without using your hands to search.

c. Hand searching.

22. The crawling method is applicable in…. emergency.

a. Flood

b. Fire

c. Earthquake

d. Riot

23. Swiping card falls under 

a. Manual 

b. Electronic and Manual.

c. Mechanical and electronic

24. Why is clocking done?

a. To check the arrival of employees.

b. To swipe access and egress.

c. To make sure the security guard is following the contract.

25. The phonetic word for the alphabet ‘S’ is 

a. Sierra

b. Smoke

c. Scene

d. Search

26. It is important to restrict access to a crime scene.

a. To make room for an ambulance

b. To keep away the victim from suffocating, avoid the crowd.

c. Keeping away onlookers at bay.

d. To avoid contamination of evidence.

27. A daily occurrence book should include the following entries:

a. Employees detail

b. Access and egress

c. Patrol routes and timings

28. If the cause of the fire is electrical, what type of fire extinguisher will be used?

a. Water

b. Foam

c. CO2

d. Wet chemical

29. In general, criminal law refers to the laws that:

a. Define crime.

b. Affect an individual’s legal status.

c. Robbery should be punished.

d. Impose a state penalty.

30. Why should the security guard be familiar with the contract?

a. To be honest with himself and recognize his privilege.

b. For dismissal without cause.

c. To comprehend disciplinary action.

31. The purpose of the controller in the control room is to:

a. Receive incident reports.

b. Make emergency backup available.

c. Check to see if the security guard is doing his job.

d. To verify attendance.

32. Which search authority does a security officer have?

a. Obtain individual permission before the search.

b. Search the package quietly.

c. Search at random.

d. Individual investigation.

33. The phonetic word for the alphabet ‘G’ is 

a. Gulf

b. Guard

c. Gate

d. Global

34. It reflects how the system will respond to the information and allows the security guard to take steps.

a. Smoke detector

b. Fire detector

c. Ion particle detector

d. Action plan

35. What exactly is an arrest?

a. Stop the individual from leaving.

b. To limit a person’s liability to respond to a criminal allegation.

c. Forcibly detaining the individual.

36. All CCTV operators should: 

a. Wear their uniform properly

b. Be aware of the responsibilities and consequences of working in the CCTV control room.

c. Be able to operate the CCTV.

37. There are separate switches for turning off the alarm and fault sounders.

a. Disable/Inhibit

b. Reset

c. Mute switches

d. None of them

38. Which of the following is an example of a false alarm?

a. Loss of credibility

b. Reaction forces

c. Both ‘A’ and ‘B’

d. None of them

39. PPC is an abbreviation for

a. Personal protective care

b. People place customer

c. Personal protective clothing

d. Personal private counseling 

40. What is the phonetic word for the alphabet ‘R’?

a. Rule

b. Risk

c. Romeo

d. Radio

41. What the security guard should not do upon his or her arrival at the crime scene?

a. Inform the control room

b. Inform supervisor

c. Handover to police

d. Unattended the scene

42. What exactly does DRABCD stand for?

a. Direct, Response, Attitude Break, Compression, and Danger

b. Danger, Response, Airway, Breathing, Circulation, and Defibrillation

c. Danger, React, Airway, Breath, Compare, and Danger

43. A minor cut’s bleeding can be stopped by

a. Washing the wound.

b. Applying pressure to the wound.

c. Apply some medicine to the wound.

44. Seeing something through the eyes of a customer is referred to as

a. Simplicity

b. Sympathy

c. Empathy

45. The four fundamental components of communication are as follows:

a. Transmit, Receive, Send, Feedback 

b. Receive, Send, Evaluate, Finding

c. Transmission, Reception, Understanding, Feedback

46. Fire has three elements:

a. Find, Inform, Extinguish

b. Flame, Smoke, Heat

c. Heat, Oxygen, Fuel

47. The phonetic word for the alphabet ‘C’ is

a. Customer

b. Criminal

c. Charlie

d. Control

48. The action of finding a fire is in the word FIRE itself.

a. Find, Investigate, Restrict, Evacuate

b. Find, Inform, Restrict, Evacuate / Extinguish

c. Find, Investigate, Restore, Extinguish

49. The ABCs of communication are

a. Accurate, Brief, Compact

b. Accurate, Brief, Clear

c. Action, Brief, compact

Sira exam questions are easier to solve, just focus on classes during the training properly. 

50. Ethics is the comprehension of

a. External and Internal customers

b. Discrimination and stereotyping

c. Good and bad behavior and attitude

51. Drug addicts take LSD by 

a. Smoking

b. Putting it on their tongue

c. Sniffing

d. Swallowing

52. What effects do cocaine and crack cocaine have?

a. Slow heart rate

b. High appetite 

c. Fast breathing

d. None

53. What is the police-security relationship like?

a. Relatives

b. Interrelated

c. Integrated

d. None

54. How does a fire blanket function?

a. By cooling

b. By breaking the chain reaction

c. By excluding oxygen

55. What is the phonetic word for the alphabet ‘X’?

a. X-ray

b. Xerox 

c. Xavier 

d. Xmas 

56. It is a preconceived idea based on little or no evidence.

a. Discrimination

b. Race

c. Prejudice

d. Stereotyping

57. Civil law‘s purpose is to

a. Give punishment

b. Harass people

c. Correct a wrong thing

58. When a security guard witnesses an incident involving health and safety, he should

a. Inform the health and safety department immediately 

b. Report the risk following his management’s procedures

c. Inform the police.

d. Inform a nearby colleague 

59. During an evacuation, a security guard must

a. Run around the site shouting 

b. Run away from the site before the problem 

c. Remain calm and do as ordered

60. Who is responsible for licensing security guards?


b. Labour Department

c. Dubai Police Academy

d. Dubai Civil Defense 

61. What use does CCTV not serve?

a. Monitoring a suspect

b. Help in case of conflict

c. Evidence uses

d. Monitor staff lunch break

62. Every incident report must be

a. made available to anyone who wishes to read them.

b. as long/big as possible.

c. reflect only facts, not fiction.

63. The phonetic word for the alphabet ‘M’ is 

a. Manual

b. Mask

c. Mike

d. Manager

64. Discrimination occurs when you treat another person unfairly because of their 

a. Dress code

b. Race, Sex & Religion

c. Educational status or background

65. A fault in the alarm system will always indicate a light in the color………

a. Red

b. Green

c. Yellow

d. Blue

66. What is the evidence from someone who was told about the incident called?

a. Opinion

b. Primary

c. Hearsay

d. Eye witness

67. The term preventing unauthorized access means

a. Children are not permitted to enter the cordoned area.

b. Preventing the police from entering the scene.

c. Only authorized officials are permitted to enter the cordon area.

68. The stage of combustion is

a. Ignition, Growth Fully developed, and Decay

b. Growth, Fully developed Ignition and Decay

c. Ignition, Decay, Growth, and Fully developed

d. Ignition, Fully developed, Growth and Decay

69. Which of the following does not serve as a source of fire fuel?

a. Flammable liquids

b. Flammable gases

c. Plastic

d. Oxygen

70. Which of the following extinguishers should not be used if there is an electrical fire?

a. Water

b. CO2

c. DCP 

71. What is the phonetic word for the alphabet ‘F’?

a. Fire

b. Foam

c. Find 

d. Foxtrot

72. Problems faced by security industries like bomb damagedata infringement, and commercial fraud are called 

a. Risk in Security

b. Security hazards

c. Security threat 

d. None of them

73. Evacuation sounderslocal announcements, and other features are always included in fire detection systems. What are they?

a. Vibration

b. Buzzer and light indicators on the control panel

c. Sounds

d. None of them.

74. What will you do if you see a person doing some crime?

a. Inform police

b. Make report

c. Try to stop

d. Inform the supervisor or management

75. The assignment instructions will inform you about

a. Alarm codes

b. Emergency procedures.

c. Report salary issues

d. Break schedules

76. Four methods of Patrolling are

a. Walk, run, vehicle, boat

b. Foot, bicycle, vehicle, Visual (CCTV)

c. Foot, walk, bicycle, car

77. The main purpose of using a Fire Extinguisher is to stop

a. Heat

b. Oxygen

c. Fuel

d. Chemical reaction

78. Cooling is the method of removing

a. Heat

b. Fuel 

c. Oxygen

d. Chemical reaction

79. The phonetic word for the alphabet ‘I’ is 

a. Instruction 

b. Inform

c. Interact

d. India

Sira’s questions and answers can be solved easily with group discussion. So forward this article to your friend and play a quiz. 

80. Which of the following types of fire extinguishers does not use the PASS method?

a. CO2

b. DCP


81. …….. is the most dangerous bleeding

a. Venous

b. Capillary

c. Arterial

82. A false alarm is when the security guard 

a. Check and confirm

b. Assume it’s false

c. Checked the same device 10 minutes ago 

83. Which of the following cannot detect fire?

a. Smoke detector

b. Mechanical door

c. Human

d. Heat detector 

84. What is the most common cause of death in a fire?

a. Fire burn

b. Panic

c. Smoke inhalation

d. Heart attack  

85. What is the phonetic word for the alphabet ‘T’?

a. Training 

b. Testing

c. Tag

d. Tango

86. What are the 3Ps of customer service and communication?

a. Polite, Punctual, and Positive.

b. Polite, Positive and Professional

c. Polite, Professional, and Politics

d. Polite, Punctual, and Positive

87. What are the most common types of emergencies besides fire, and bomb threats 

a. Assault

b. Robbery

c. Theft

d. Crowd control

88. The potential causes of a false alarm;

a. Access door

b. Fire extinguisher

c. Human being

d. Heat Detectors

89. Initial response to fire refers to

a. Investigation 

b. Evacuation

c. Patrolling 

d. Extinguish the fire.

90. When searching for signs of breathing in a casualty, look for

a. Pulse rate

b. Diluted pupils

c. Rising and falling of the chest

91. Human rights is

a. Investigation power

b. Similar treatment regardless of race, or nationality ensures everyone has certain rights. 

c. Both.

d. None.

92. Which of the below defines security?

a. Searching format

b. Manned Services 

c. All security personnel

d. Guarding assets

93. The phonetic word for the alphabet ‘O’ is 

a. Opinion

b. Oscar

c. Observe 

d. Office

94. The workplace expectations for a security guard include first aidbasic securitysimple process controlgatekeeperreceptionistaccident prevention, and so on. What are they called?

a. Duties and responsibilities 

b. Assignment instructions and specific task

c. Core function of a security guard

d. Roles and accountability

95. Smothering  is a method of removing

a. Heat 

b. Fuel 

c. Oxygen

d. Chemical reaction

96. The difference between an ID card and Pass is

a. Both are the same.

b. Employee has ID and supervisor has Pass.

c. ID card is the staff’s identity and a pass is an authorization of accessing a particular area.

97. Which of the below is not considered an evidence type

a. Primary

b. Rumor

c. Assumption

98. What is the best way to search lockers?

a. Keep witness while searching

b. Search alone

c. Do not search

99. Which sector is responsible for ensuring safety and security through CIT (Cash in Transit), store detectiondoor supervisionaviationmaritime securityclose protection, and private investigation?

a. Government


c. Physical Security 

d. Manned Service

100. What is the phonetic word for the alphabet ‘V ‘?

a. Victory

b. Vault

c. Vest

d. Value

101. What happens to a security guard who has broken the law, missed the training, and has reached the legal limit?

a. Need to attend next training.

b. Need to renew license. 

c. License will automatically be canceled when the visa expires.

d. SIRA will revoke the license.

102. Which of the following won’t reduce the chance that you or someone else will get infected?

a. Proper training

b. Maintain good hygiene 

c. Keep social distancing 

d. Reduce blood contact

103. A tourist is any non-resident foreigner who enters the country legally for any reason other than emigration or temporary employment for a period of;

a. 1 to 30 days

b. 1 to 10 weeks

c. 1 to 6 months

d. 24 hours to 1 year

104. Why is dynamic risk assessment important?

a. To arrest criminal 

b. It helps with conflict management in the workplace

c. To judge who is right

d. For a win-win situation 

105. The full form of EPOS is 

a. Entry point of sale

b. Electronic point of sale

c. Entry point of security guard

d. None of the above

106. Which system category does raise curbs to fall under?

a. Electronics 

b. Manual 

c. Mechanical

d. None of them

107. Which of the following best describes how a CCTV camera system should be used?

a. Helping visitors to find the prayer room.

b. Monitoring break areas.

c. Detection of criminal activity. 

d. None of the above.

108. A security guard should always have ……. behavior

a. Aggressive 

b. Assertive

c. Passive

d. All of the above

109. What is the phonetic word for the alphabet ‘Z’?

a. Zoom

b. Zero 

c. Zulu

d. Zip

110. What color label does a water extinguisher have?

a. Blue 

b. Red

c. Cream

d. Yellow

111. What does RICE in Internal bleeding refer to?

a. Rise, Ice, Carry and Elevate

b. Rise, Identify, Call and Explain

c. Rest, Ice, Compression, and Elevate

d. Run, Inform, Carry and Examine

112. Discrimination is behavior done according to the 

a. Potential 

b. Ability

c. Race

d. None

113. Any communication involves two parties. They are:

a. Customer and Client

b. Supervisor and Manager

c. Sender and Receiver

114. The P.O.P on dynamic risk assessment represents

a. People, Object, Plan

b. Plan, Object, People

c. Place, Object, Plan

d. People, Object, Place

115. Security guards are 

a. The assistance of the Police.

b. Representative of their Company

c. Representative of Client 

d. All of the above.

116. What is the minimum percentage of oxygen required for a fire to start?

a. 11 %

b. 13 %

c. 16 %

d. 21 %

117. The phonetic word for the alphabet ‘E’ is 

a. Evidence

b. Echo

c. Emergency 

d. Evacuation 

118. The evidence from someone who heard about the incident is 

a. Eye-witness

b. Opinion

c. Assumption

d. Hearsay

119. Security guards should have the following senses.

a. Hear, touch, and common sense

b. Tase and sight

c. Smell

d. All of the above

120. Reserved parking is accessible to those who have

a. Expensive vehicles

b. Pass or Permit

c. Company vehicle 

d. Visitors vehicle 

121. Radio conversation can be interrupted if there is 

a. Maintenance issue 

b. Cleanliness issue 

c. Any Emergencies

d. ‘A and ‘B’

122. The goals of first aid are as follows:

a. If it is safe, assist, get the casualty to the hospital, and promote recovery.

b. Save lives, keep the condition from worsening, and encourage recovery

c. Save lives, get the casualty to the hospital, and encourage recovery.

d. If it is safe, call an ambulance and promote recovery.

123. Which element is included in the fire tetrahedron but not in the fire triangle?

a. Heat 

b. Chemical reaction

c. Fuel

d. Oxygen 

124. What is the minimum age for working as a security guard?

a. 16 

b. 17

c. 18

d. 21

125. What is the phonetic word for the alphabet ‘P’?

a. Policy

b. People 

c. Polite

d. Papa

126. What is the Emergency contact of Dubai Police?

a. 991

b. 997

c. 998

d. 999

127. What will you do if an electrocuted person is discovered?

a. Give hands to him/her

b. Cut off the power supply

c. Inform police

d. Inform management

128. What is FACP?

a. Fire Action Control Plan 

b. Free Access Combo Plan

c. Fire Alarm Control Panel

d. Fire Alert & Control Plan

129. If the appropriate extinguisher is not available, which of the following can be used instead of nothing?

a. Water

b. Foam

c. CO2

d. DCP

130. What color label does a CO2 extinguisher have?

a. Blue

b. Red

c. Black

d. Yellow

131. Any object stuck in the windpipe or throat is called 

a. Nausea 

b. Choking

c. Cardiac arrest

d. Bruise

132. Which is not a method of heat transfer?

a. Induction

b. Convection 

c. Radiation 

d. Conduction

133. The phonetic word for the alphabet ‘W’ is 

a. Whiskey

b. Water

c. Wallet

d. Wireless

134. What is the smell of LPG in its natural state?

a. Musky 

b. Putrid 

c. Odorless

d. Flora

The smell of LPG leakage is due to a mixture of a chemical known as ‘Ethyl Mercaptan’ for safety reasons. 

135. In the fire action procedure, what does ‘C’ denotes in RACE?

a. Charlie

b. Chemical

c. Contain

d. Control

136. The 4 P’s of searching are

a. Passive, punctual, Positive, Professional 

b. Permission, Positive, Punctual, Professional

c. Polite, Permission, Positive, Professional

d. Punctual, Positive, Professional, Polite

137. What radio code do you use when you have to inform about a conversation that has ended?

a. Clear

b. Repeat

c. Over

d. Out

138. While using a fire extinguisher, you must be 

a. Facing wind direction

b. Facing against the wind direction

c. Wind direction doesn’t matter

139. If someone reports lost items, what are the details you are going to take?

a. Personal detail

b. Lost item detail

c. Both ‘A’ and ‘B’

d. None. 

140. What is the phonetic word for the alphabet ‘D’?

a. Danger 

b. Delta

c. Detector

d. Department 

141. Which of the below is applicable in the case of a Kitchen fire?

a. Wet Chemical

b. Fire Blanket

c. Wet Cloth

d. All of the above

142. In the Air, there is approximately …… of oxygen.

a. 15 %

b. 21 %

c. 12 %

d. 8 %

143. In First Aid, what does AED mean?

a. Arab Emirates Dirham,

b. Action Emergency Dealing 

c. Automated External Defibrillator

d. None of the above.

144. If the crime scene got contaminated, what may happen to the evidence?

a. The court doesn’t accept that evidence.

b. Generate more evidence.

c. Helps in the investigation.

d. None.

145. Patrolling in high-value areas is referred to as

a. Initial 

b. Final 

c. Random

d. Special or Snap

146. All of the conflicts must be 

a. Avoided 

b. Ignored 

c. Reported

d. None of them.

147. The phonetic word for the alphabet ‘U’ is 

a. United

b. Uniform

c. Umbrella 

d. Understand

148. A criminal act of setting fire to someone’s property is called 

a. Mason

b. Passion

c. Arson

d. Revoke

149. Why is patrolling important? 

a. To protect property and premises 

b. To protect life.

c. Deterrence of crime

d. To prevent losses.

e. All of the above

150. What color label does a wet chemical extinguisher have?

a. Blue

b. Black

c. Yellow

d. Red

151. While on duty, the SIRA license must be kept

a. Inside pocket

b. Inside reception drawer

c. Inside wallet

d. Visible to everyone

152. Who should know how to operate a fire extinguisher?

a. Security guard

b. Tenants

c. Visitors 

d. All of the above.

Make sure you know how to operate a fire extinguisher so that in case of an emergency, you may be able to deal with the situation by yourself. 

153. The positioning of clocking or swipe points is critical. They are usually found in hazardous areas and

a. Office

b. Reception

c. Location of valuable stock or equipment

d. All of the above

154. Fire extinguishers are used to fight 

a. Wildfires 

b. Industrial fires 

c. Small fires

d. Large-scale fires

155. A fire extinguisher may control fire on …….

a. Decay stage

b. Ignition stage

c. Growth stage

d. Fully developed stage

156. What does patrol monitoring equipment allow?

a. During the duty period, a high-risk area must be constantly monitored.

b. A record of patrols conducted during the duty period must be kept.

c. The control room will see the security officer.

d. Evidence of criminal activity will be gathered and used in court.

157. If a male person searches a woman’s bag, he should ask the owner for a ‘self-search‘. What does this mean?

a. Allow the search to be conducted by the security guard.

b. They must empty their bags and pockets.

c. Use a metal detector for searching.

d. Only police officers should be allowed to search.

158. Knowing the difference between good and bad, as well as right and wrong means

a. Empathy.

b. Ethics.

c. Win-win situation. 

d. All of the above.

159. Which of the following doesn’t fall in Class ‘B’ fires?

a. Petrol

b. Sodium

c. Butane 

d. Diesel

160. Reports are kept 

a. To show guard is working.

b. So that takeover and handover need less timing. 

c. To get and analyze the information.

d. Because the supervisor may check log books. 

161. Theft and robbery are common in

a. Civil law

b. Criminal law

c. Both of them

d. None of them

162. What is the recommended height for installing fire extinguishers?

a. 1 to 1.8 meter

b. 1 to 2 meter

c. 1.1 to 1.3 meter

d. 1.1 to 1.5 meter

163. The phonetic word for the letter ‘A’ is 

a. Action

b. Accurate

c. Alpha

d. Alarm

164. What is the most common emergency that should be dealt with by the security guard?

a. Hurricane

b. Flood

c. Fire

d. Volcano

165. What are the signs of a heart attack?

a. Heartbeat fast 

b. Pressure, Discomfort 

c. Difficulty in breathing, weakness

d. All of them

166. Which law is applicable for owner and tenant disputes?

a. Criminal law

b. Traffic law

c. Civil law

d. Felony law

167. The role of a security guard is 

a. To arrest criminal

b. To observe and report

c. To judge who is right

168. Item not to be included in first aid box;

a. Foil bandage

b. Scissor

c. Panadol

d. Nitrile gloves 

169. A security guard must not 

a. Sleep on duty

b. Use mobile for personal purpose

c. share confidential information with the public

d. All of them

170. It is typically carried out when information and evidence of a specific incident are obtained.

a. Handcuff 

b. Final response

c. Random search

d. None

171. What are the first-aid priorities?

a. Breathing, Bleeding, Bones, and Burns

b. Burns, Bones, Breathing, and Bleeding

c. Bleeding, Breathing, Burns, and Bones

d. Breathing, Bones, Burns, and Bleeding

172. In an incident report, which of the following would not be present?

a. Details of drivers

b. Description of vehicles 

c. The direction of the vehicles they were heading

d. Brand of DVR in use

173. What to do to someone who has suffocated?

a. Check the respiration and pulses.

b. Maintain body temperature.

c. If possible, eliminate the source.

d. None of the above.

174. Which of the following is not considered evidence in the court?

a. Security Logbook

b. CCTV footage

c. Security’s assumption 

d. DNA report

175. What color label does a DCP extinguisher have?

a. Blue

b. Red 

c. Black

d. Yellow

176. Which of the following does not require SIRA permission?

a. CCTV installation

b. Access control

c. Debugging devices

d. Convert equipment

177. Sunburn is an example of ….. method of heat transfer. 

a. Direct burn

b. Convection

c. Conduction

d. Radiation

178. Which extinguisher is considered an alternative extinguisher?

a. Water Extinguisher

b. CO2 Extinguisher

c. DCP Extinguisher

d. Wet Chemical

e. Foam Extinguisher

DCP is called an alternate extinguisher as it can be used on Class A, Class B, and Class C types of fire but isn’t generally recommended unless there is an option. 

179. The phonetic word for the alphabet ‘Y’ is 

a. Yellow

b. Yankee

c. Youth

d. Yard

180. What is the phonetic word for the alphabet ‘H’?

a. Hospital

b. Hotel

c. Hazard

d. Health

181. Fire doors must be kept 

a. Opened 

b. Closed

c. None of the above

182. Inhibiting chemical reactions is a method of removing

a. Heat

b. Fuel 

c. Oxygen

d. Chemical reaction

183. Which of the following is an example of a statutory agency visitor?

a. Taxi driver

b. Delivery boy

c. Health and safety inspector

d. Cook

184. What is the phonetic word for the alphabet ‘L’?

a. Lima

b. License

c. Life

d. Lost

185. The piercing nozzle is found on …… extinguisher 

a. CO2

b. Water

c. DCP

d. Foam

186. In DRABCD, ‘A’ represents 

a. Action 

b. Alpha 

c. Airway

d. Aid

187. Under which law does trespassing fall?

a. Criminal

b. Civil

c. State

d. None

188. Security guards must know …….. while patrolling.

a. Where to take a rest

b. Where is the control room

c. Where is the pantry

d. How many times he should check the area

189. A fire extinguisher having no gauge is 

a. Water

b. Foam

c. DCP

d. CO2

e. Wet Chemical

190. Which of the following does not constitute security guard equipment?

a. Torch

b. Keys

c. Pistol

d. Radio 

e. Log books 

191. When a security guard detects a risk, what should he do?

a. Inform client

b. Inform customer

c. Inform senior

d. None

192. In case of fire, you must not use 

a. Stairs 

b. Fire exits 

c. Elevator

d. All of the above

193. The phonetic word for the alphabet ‘K’ is 

a. Key 

b. Keep

c. Kilo

d. Kill

194. The meaning of good customer care refers

a. Making them happy

b. Resolve the client’s issues

c. Is the result of approaching the situation from the customer’s point of view.

d. None of them.

195. Emergency contact of an ambulance in Dubai is …….

a. 999

b. 998

c. 997

d. 991

196. What else should be kept on the movement of vehicles through the access point, regardless of any pass or visual recognition made?

a. Accident marks

b. Date and time of entry

c. Logbook

d. All of the above 

197. Which of the following doesn’t fall under Class ‘A’?

a. Wood

b. Paint

c. Pant

d. Plastic 

198. What color label does a foam extinguisher have?

a. Blue 

b. Cream

c. Yellow

d. Red

199. The main purpose of access control at the gatehouse is to control

a. Entry of person

b. Entry of vehicle

c. Entry and exit of vehicles and pedestrians

d. Entry of visitors

200. What is the phonetic word for the alphabet ‘J’?

a. Juliet

b. July

c. Job

d. Java

Download the pdf file of SIRA exam questions and answers. 

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