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Methods of fire extinguishment are cooling, starvation, smothering and breaking chain.

We have discussed below about 4 methods to extinguish fire.

1. Cooling
In this method, fire is extinguished by removing the heat. Water is the most common element used for cooling. Solids (Class A) fire can be extinguished by cooling method.

2. Smothering
In this method, fire is extinguished by cutting off the oxygen supply. As we know that about 21% of our atmosphere is occupied by oxygen we need to cover the fire in order to remove the contact with oxygen. Foam extinguishers, CO2 extinguishers, wet clothes, and fire blankets are used for smothering. Liquid and Gas (Class B), Electrical (Class C), Metal (Class D), and Vegetables oil and Animal fats (Class K) fires can be extinguished by smothering method.

3. Starvation
In this method, fire is extinguished by removing fuel supply. In case of flammable gas and liquid fire, we can shut off the fuel supply. It is only applicable to some extent. Liquid and Gas (Class B) and Electrical (Class C) fires can be extinguished by starvation method.

4. Chain breaking
We can prevent chemical reactions with the fire and extinguish the flame. It can also be used as an alternate for most of the types of fire. DCP is used for inhibiting chemical reactions. Liquid (Class B) fires can be extinguished by this method.

Easy to remember

1. Cooling↔️Removal of heat

2. Smothering↔️Cutting of oxygen supply

3. Starvation↔️Removal of fuel supply

4. Chain breaking↔️Using of flame inhibitor

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