Security Guard Question Bank ¹ (Solved) | SIRA, PSBD

Question sets for security guard written exams

These are the collection of solved security-related questions. You can recommend it to a person who is willing to work as a professional security guard in preparation for a written exam. 

1. Which of the below defines security?

A. Manned Service

B. All security personnel 

C. Guarding asset

D. Searching procedure 

2. Methods of fire extinguishment are:

A. i. Cooling ii. Smothering iii. Starvation iv. Inhibiting chemical reaction

B. i. Cooling ii. Induction iii. Starvation iv. Inhibiting chemical reaction

3. Stages of combustion is:

A. i. Induction ii. Growth iii. Fully develop iv. Decay

B. i. Induction ii. Growth iii. Decay iv. Fully develop

C. i. Induction ii. Decay iii. Fully develop iv. Growth

D. i. Induction ii. Fully develop iii. Growth iv. Decay

4. First aid, access control, gatekeeper, accident prevention, and receptionist are the basic expectations of a security guard. They are called 

A. Duties and responsibilities 

B. Roles and accountability 

C. Assignment instructions and specific tasks 

D. Core function of a security guard

5. The Fire Extinguisher will

A. Stop heat

B. Stop oxygen 

C. Stop fuel

D. Stop chemical reaction

6. The most dangerous bleeding is 

A. Capillary 

B. Arterial

C. Venous

7. A false alarm is when a security guard 

A. Sound the alarm

B. Go to check and confirm the fault.

8. Which sector does Safety and Security involving CIT (Cash in Transit), private investigation, close security, aviation and maritime security, door supervision, and store detection belong to?

A. Physical security 

B. Government sector

C. Manned Service

D. SIRA system

9. Combustible materials are and which of the following will not burn?

A. Wood

B. Oxygen

C. Flammable liquid

D. Inflammable gases

10. Security should demonstrate ………… behavior. 

A. Aggressive 

B. Passive 

C. Active

D. Demonstrative 

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