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 Causes of fire🔥 

In this session, we will discuss some causes of fire. 🔥

1. Natural causes 

Natural phenomena like lightning⚡may cause a fire if it hits a dry area. Also, volcanic 🌋 activities may lead to file depending on its surroundings.

2. Smoking items 🚬

Active cigarette butts or matchsticks may cause a fire if it came into direct contact with materials like clothes, papers, wood, Patrol, etc.

3. Cooking equipments 

If someone leaves cooking unattended, then it may cause fire due to overheating.

4. Candles 🕯 

Nowadays, candles are mostly used for decorative purposes. If candles are not used properly, it may cause fire.

5. Electrical equipments 

Loose connections or overloaded electrical circuits may cause a fire. Maintenance or installation of electrical circuits by unprofessional persons also results in fire.

6. Heating equipment

Inappropriate use of heating rods, and heaters may cause fire, so placing any combustible and flammable items nearby should be avoided.

7. Arson

An arson attack is a criminal act of deliberately setting fire to someone’s property. Installation of CCTV and motion-sensor lighting should be done and fire safety such as fire sprinkles should be installed to minimize the damage.

There are many other causes of fire such as human errors, Poor management of explosives, crashes of planes/vehicles, chemical reactions, etc.

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