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Person handcuffed by police or cid

It was around 7 o’clock early morning. Three local people wearing kandora came to the main entrance. I opened the access door and checked with them whom they wanted to visit. They gave me the apartment number and the person name whom they were visiting and informed me they were his friends.¬†

They also informed me that the tenant is leaving the room today. I had an idea that it was the last day of the contract for the tenant. At the same moment, the housekeeping staff called me into the store room as he brought food from a restaurant for us. I let those people enter the building as I didn’t want my food to cool down. 

I spent some time in the storeroom having breakfast with the housekeeping staff. After that, he went to do his work and I started patrolling the building.

During my patrol, I met those three people in front of the 302 apartment. I told them to go next side for Apartment 320 thinking that they were confused about the apartment number.

After patrolling, I was at a reception with my phone and again I found 3/4 people with Kandora at the main entrance. I opened the door thinking that the tenant might called many people into his apartment. This time I asked them for their ID and opened the visitor log book. To my surprise, they were from CID. One of them showed me his ID from his wallet. I asked them how could I help them. They provided me the name of the tenant who was staying in apartment 320 with his pictures then they asked me if three people had come to his apartment an hour ago. I told them that three people wearing kandura came at around 7 o’clock. Now they ask me to show the CCTV footage. I informed my control room about the incident shortly and went CCTV room with them. 

Footage of three people along with me at reception was on-screen. One of them asks me to provide their details. Now my time has gone down, I told them that I asked with them and they provided me all the details of the tenant and apartment so I let them go and I don’t have their details. The person became angry now. He told me that he would take me for investigation if they were not being able to catch those people. I accepted my fault and told them politely that I would try my best to help them catch the criminals. If my seniors came to know about this mistake then I was pretty sure that I was done with my job. Some more CID officers came there. They want me to go with them to the apartment. I took a picture of tenant details from the tenant record book and went with them in the lift. When I reached the 3rd floor and the lift opened my heart was beating rapid

I went in front of the apartment and they hid in a corridor in such a way that the person inside the apartment could not see them as the door had a small hole with a fish-eye lens for security purposes from where the person from inside could see outside of the apartment. Those people were ready with their stun guns and gave the signal to ring the doorbell. My legs were shaking and perhaps my face was worth to see. I rang the bell three / four times but no one opened the door. They wanted to cut off the electricity in the apartment. I informed the control room to send a technician to cut down the electricity. 

The number of CIDs increased. During the whole day, 29 individuals from the CID department were present in the field as someone was coming and someone was going. Some of them suggested entering the apartment from an outer area using a man lift and some were suggesting to break the door. One of them asked me to call the tenant on his phone. As the phone was ringing they were again in position. Some of the nearby apartment tenants were opening their doors and watching the scene. I was under pressure so I rudely told them to be inside their apartment or move away from that particular area. 

On my third attempt, the tenant received the phone call. I asked him why he was not opening the door. The tenant asked me if there were any issues. I told him to open the door so that we could talk. The tenant replied that he was outside of his apartment and would come back after 2 hours. I told him that there was some detector fault in his apartment which was shown in the fire panel and civil defense personnel were there in front of his room. I also told him that if there is any fire, he should be responsible. I was unaware of what I was talking to him. I just wanted him to present in that place as soon as possible. So, I was telling him whatever came to my mind.

After 10-15 minutes, one of the CID officers got information from his colleagues who were staying in the parking area that the person had entered the building. When he came out of the lift on the third floor, one officer showed his ID, and the other handcuffed him and took him to his apartment. One of them told me that I could go back to reception.

Criminal hancuffed by police or cid

When I went down, my team leader was present at the reception. We were making reports and several tenants passing by wanted to know what was going on in the building. I told them that the issue could not be discussed but they didn’t need to take worry about anything. I also received a call from one of the ladies from her office who was staying in the building. She informed me that her homemade told her that several people with guns were present in the building near their apartment and they were feeling fear. I told the lady to call back her maid and Inform her to stay inside her apartment with the children. I will inform them when the situation will be normal and that there is nothing wrong going on in the building to be worried as it is just a small CID operation.

After some time, CID officers brought that tenant and three other visitors one by one from the lift handcuffed. I went with them towards the parking area. When I reached the parking area, I found two of the restaurant workers who were staying in the same building were sitting there. I told them to move from that place. They asked me if they could enter the building and I told them they could enter. Later, I came to know that they were informed by their manager who was staying nearby that the apartment informed them not to enter the building as some issues were going on. So, they were waiting for two hours. I told them that they could take my number and call me anytime if there were any issues like this happening next time.

 Finally, the in charge of CID came to me and thanked me for my cooperation. I also thank him for being polite despite my big mistake of not taking details of those criminals. 

The time was around 17:22 and I feel like I’m hungry. I realized that I did not take my lunch. I plan to take a shower, have dinner, and jump into bed as soon as I reach accommodation and prepare myself for tomorrow…

Lesson: If you work 11 hours 59 minutes perfectly and ignore 1 minute, you may face the same problem. There is a saying ‘Play while you play and work while you work’. 

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