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Encounter with Corona

The ambulance came in front of the building with a siren and the medical staff informed me to call the person down to reception from the third floor. I went to the third floor and found two people waiting for the lift. I asked them if they had called for an ambulance. One of them told me that he had called the ambulance. When we were in the lift, going down, I asked him for his ID to take the details and also asked him about his medical issue. When I was taking the picture of his ID, I heard the word ‘Corona’ in his mouth.

Corona virus covid 19

Usually, when I heard the code for Corona on the radio from other locations, some kind of fear used to be generated inside me. But this time, I was in close contact with the corona-positive person inside the lift, holding his ID in my bare hand and I was feeling like it was a normal issue. When we reached down to the reception, medical staff with PPE came inside with some check-up machines. While they were doing check-ups, many people passing from reception were stopping to see what was happening there. I keep on informing people to leave the location to avoid panic situations. 

After the basic checkup, the medical staff informed the person did not have any complications. The medical team informed him to stay safe in his room and sanitized the reception area. When they were about to leave the location, the person told them that his roommates were forcing him to leave the room because they also might get positive. That’s why he had called an ambulance to take him to the Quarantine center. Medical staff told him that they couldn’t take him at that time and informed him to register online on the Health Department website and get approval so that they could send some other private vehicles to take him. The person started quarreling with the medical staff but the staff did not respond to him. The medical staff informed me that they needed to attend next patient and leave the location. *WE NEED TO GIVE HUGE RESPECT TO THE FRONT LINERS WHO ARE SAVING THE WORLD FROM COVID-19.*

I went with that person to his room and informed his roommates that they couldn’t force anyone to leave the room or else they might face a serious legal issue during this pandemic. As it was the Company’s 1 BHK (Bed, Hall & Kitchen) apartment, I told them to shift the person in the bedroom to avoid unnecessary contact, and the rest of them could use the hall. As time goes on, anyone may get positive and they can use the bedroom as an optional quarantine till authorities can shift them. 

Corona virus covid 19

As coronavirus was spreading globally and attacking physically, we should avoid those people torturing mentally. How they suffered today is how we will suffer tomorrow when we get positive.

You may not change the whole world but you can change the life of one.

It’s free, try it, today !!!

…. days remaining for the farewell of COVID-19. 

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