Love at first sight : a story from banglore

Love Diary

Hi everyone, this is Pankaj from Banglore. I want to share my small story with you guys and eagerly waiting for your responses.

A student carrying bags in back and files in hands

Today I see her for the first time. Her father has come to drop her in class. She has newly joined our school. She is so pretty and not less than an angel. Her beautiful face, mesmerizing eyes, curly hair…… I think I will be out of words if I start describing her. I was an intelligent student so teachers had placed me in the very first bench. She asked me if she could sit beside me. My friend, Bikey was late for school today, so the chair next to me was empty. I used hand gestures to sit down as I feel difficult even to speak with her as my heart was rapidly pumping. I went out of class and waited for Bikey near the entrance gate.

After some time, Bikey enters the school premises.  I went towards him.

A group of students entering school gate.

Me: “One new girl has come into our class.”

Bikey: “Ow! It’s good news. Is she nice ?”

Me: “Yeah man, she is nice but there is bad news for you.”

Bikey: “What’s the issue ?”

Me: “She is in the chair where you used to be.”

Bikey: “How can new comers use my place ?”

Me: ” Please, use the chairs behind. I will feel pity if you remove her from that place.”

Bikey: “Calm down ! I will seat behind. What’s her name ?”

Me: “I haven’t asked her yet. My heart was beating rapidly and couldn’t talk to her.”

After that, we reach our classroom. I share my books with her as she is new and doesn’t get books yet. I get her name from her notebook ‘Lalita Modi’. At lunch break, we go to the canteen and eat some food. She tried to pay money but I told her that I would pay today and she may pay the next day. Luckily, the class after lunch break was leisure as a teacher was on leave. I have taken her to show library and Indoor game hall. I told her lots of things about school and myself. But from her side, she said very few things. She tells me that she would only listen to me today and share her story the next day.

After school, I feel really bad about being far from her. I want to talk to her unlimited time. My home is just a minute’s walk distance from my school. But, today I feel like I am walking miles away. I changed my dress and went to the football ground to play with my friends. But I can’t play well today. I came back home in the evening, ate a little food, and got into bed. In previous days, I never remembered that I didn’t fall asleep at night. But today, I am changing my sleeping position 20 times, and still, I can’t sleep. I just remember her face, her activities, and the time that I spend with her. I am eagerly waiting for tomorrow so that I can talk to her………..

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