PSBD exam questions answers Abu Dhabi, UAE | NSI, PSCOD/ASSD

PSBD/PSCOD/ASSD exam questions and answers with pdf Abu Dhabi, UAE | NSI

We’ll try to address the ASSD, PSCOD, or PSBD exam questions and answers model with pdf in this session, along with all pertinent data, in our prior session, we covered SIRA exam questions and answers for security guards employed in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. Since readers have provided us with a lot of favorable comments. PSBD which was established in 2002 had changed its name to PSCOD and then to ASSD; therefore, whenever these names appear below, don’t be confused; simply remember that it refers to the same organization.

PSBD stands for Private Security Business Department which is one of the government departments of Abu Dhabi responsible for the federal government’s licensing, supervision, and enforcement of rules and standards for security companies, security guards, and CCTV installation in Abu Dhabi, Sharjah, Ras Al Khaimah, Fujairah, Ajman, and Um Al Quwain.

The training has been expanded from five to eight days, and several topics and exam model questions have also been altered. As all exam questions are on the security field, make sure there aren’t any notable differences between the SIRA and PSBD exam questions.

PSBD exam questions and answers model 

Here are 200 PSBD exam questions and answers models for security guards who are willing to work in 6 emirates except for Dubai. 

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1. Security guard must …………… according to the definition of security awareness.

•  Know their Break time

•  Know the Patrolling intervals

•  Be aware of their surroundings

•  Provide first aid 

2. You shouldn’t direct traffic from ………… when guiding it.

• Side of the vehicle

• Front of vehicle

• Behind the vehicle

3. What is the name of the technology that enables the display of several camera perspectives on a single screen?

• Playback

• Motion sensor

• Video splitter

4. A smoke detector’s primary purpose is to detect

• Heat

• Water

• Smoke

• Gas

5. What is the most crucial tool for dealing with challenging people?

• Behaviour

• Education

• Experience 

• Attitude

6. When you say “draw an incident scene,” what do you mean?

• Withdraw Scene

• Scene Documentation

• Real Scene

7. Which department will you most frequently be working with on incidents?

• CID 

• Police

• Fire department


8. Which of the following represents the smothering approach of fire suppression?

• Removal of heat 

• Removal of oxygen

• Removal of fuel

• Inhibiting chemical reaction

9. You heard from an unidentified source that there is a bomb at your workplace. How do you view the circumstances?

• Normally

• Panic

• Seriously

• Ignore

10. If the action is taken in the person’s …, it is not regarded as a crime.

• Superiority 

• Legal defense

• Entertainment

• Desire

11. What kind of detection can a thermal vision camera perform?

• Body temperature

• Smoke

• Air pressure 

• Water level

12. Who has the authority to determine if the accused needs to appear in court?

• Police

• Advocate

• Lawyer

• Prosecutor

13. Which of the following skills does a security guard require to possess during a critical event response?

• Effective and Speedy

• Running and Jumping

• Writing and Reading

• Reporting and Patrolling

14. What kinds of security hazards are frequently observed at the locations of oil and gas plants?

• Robbery

• Explosion and Fires

• Spilling

• Falling and Slipping

15. How should a logbook correction be made?

• No need for correction

• The easiest path

• The rightful way

• The unfair method

16. What is the best explanation of a conflict-resolution strategy that benefits both parties?

• Explaining company procedures to the dissatisfied customer so that they understand why you are unable to assist them

• A resolution that makes it possible for both parties to feel content with the result and leave the situation

• Including a coworker in the dilemma to see if they can come up with a solution.

17. Frustration and peer pressure—what do they make up for?

• Creativity

• Achievement

• Misconduct

• Leadership

18. What would you do if you discovered a suspicious parcel while examining the vehicle?

• Send the driver to the main HQ and issue a ticket to him/her

• Step back and leave the location

• Remain calm, evacuate the search area, and dial 999 for the police

19. Which of the following is regarded as a biometric system?

• Visitor Logbook

• Finger & Face scanner

• Vaults

• Vehicle pass

20. What may the control room ask you to do if a fire alarm goes out while you are on a security patrol?

• Get there and check if there is a fire where the alarm has been set off

• Gather enough extinguishers to put out a huge fire.

• Make an emergency call

21. What should you avoid using when creating a report?

• Facts

• Slang or offensive language

• Sequence of happening

• 5W and 1H

22. What would you do if you were given some personal stuff in a bag as lost property?

• Look around to see if there is any identification

• Give the bag to a person in the public who appears responsible so they can give it to the police

• Once you turn the items over to your manager or the police for processing, keep them in a safe location

23. What should you give someone if you store their personal belongings as a consequence of a protective search?

• Notebook

• Promise

• A receipt

• Cheque

24. Law in the United Arab Emirates is derived from

• Hudud, Qisas, Diya, Tazir 

• Islamic law, Criminal law, Civil law

• Quran, Sunna, Ijma, Qiyas

• Islamic law, Penal code, Emirati law

25. What is the name of the property’s fencing area?

• Perimeter

• Assembly Point

• Fire Escape route

• Refuse area

26. Do you need to mark and register the things that were seized?

• Yes

• No

• It depends

27. Which of the following area’s administrative tasks are within the responsibility of the International Civil Aviation Organization?

• Road

• Dryport

• Seaport 

• Airport

28.  Whenever you suspect a small fire will spread, what must you do? 

• Leave the location

• Turn on the building’s alarm system

• Ignore it as it is a small fire

• Let someone put out the fire

29. Only when information is … appropriate, it is valuable.

• Misused

• Used

30. ………. are the two fundamental prerequisites of personal access

• Reporting and Observation

• Monitoring and Known

• Determine and Identify

31. If you can’t …… something, don’t mention it in an incident report.

• Tell

• Find

• Justify

• Write

32. Which one of the following is a component of an emergency evacuation?

• Reception

• Lift

• Assembly Point

• Control Room 

33. When is it common to search vehicles?

• Entrance

• Exit

• Entrance and Exit

• None of the above

34. What does “4 C’s” mean to you?

• Component, Commercial, Conduct, Compliance

• Cooperative, Consultant, Communication, Comfort

• Confirm, Clear, Cordon, Control

• Clear, Creative, Caring, Casual

35. What would you do first if the fire got out of hand?

• Call Police

• Inform Supervisor

• Call Civil Defense 997

• Wait for Someone to call

36. On a particular occasion, what would be considered a critical incident?

• People gather for dancing

• Flying of birds near event place

• Someone seat in the wrong place

• Anything that compromises the security of the event’s staff

37. Which of the below methods is applicable while dealing with an aggressive person at the hospital?

• Ignorance

• Call Supervisor

• Listen to his issue and suggest possible outcomes

• Force him to leave the place

38. What are the 6 categories of hazards?

• Heat, Cold, Pain, Injury, Attack, Defend

• Physical, Biological, Radiation, Chemical, Psychological, Ergonomic

• Earthquake, Volcano, Flood, Landslide, cyclone, Tornado

39. Security Guards should always obey the ……… when testifying in court.

• Company instructions

• Client’s instructions

• Judge’s instructions

• Police instructions

40. If you work as a security guard, you should utilize different codes for different situations so that the general public won’t know what message is being sent.

• True

• False

41. What does planning for traffic management accomplish?

• Aids in the differentiation of vehicles based on color

• Maintain the same direction of traffic movement.

• Keep everyone and everything on the site, including the vehicle, safe

42. What is the most effective way to manage and control the crowd?

• Prejudice

• Discrimination

• Friendly

• Shouting at people

43. For describing a vehicle, the SCRIM approach is employed. What does it mean?

• Share, Company, Registration, Implement, Model 

• Shape, Colour, Registration, Identifying features, Make & model

44. What equipment should a security guard on a site use?

• Torch

• Logbook

• Radio

• All of the above

45. What must be returned to the security office when someone wants to depart your site?

• Passports

• Tickets

• Temporary pass issued by a security officer

• Citizenship

46. A hospital’s possible hazards include:

• Fall, Slip, Trip

• Volcano, Earthquake, Tornado 

• Biological, Chemical, and Physical

• Hot, Cold, Burn

47. What approach is employed for access control purposes?


• Electronic and Mechanical methods 



48. One aspect of conflict resolution is compromising.

• True

• False 

49. The main objective of searching for individuals on the worksite is:

• To make the visitor unhappy so they won’t return

• To make the procedure complicated for the visitor

• To safeguard visitors, property, and data

50. The National Security Institute’s (NSI) notebook is small in size because

• It costs less money for NSI. 

• It has no reason behind it

• It is intended to be carried in a pocket

• It adheres to a global standard.

PSBD exam questions and answers models are updated from time to time to help security guards receive their licenses easily. 

51. Which of the following must meet the regulatory requirements of Security Monitoring Standard Vision 5 of the Abu Dhabi Monitoring and Controlling Center (ADMCC)?


• Control room


• Security Post 

52. At construction sites, there are several safety notices posted. Why are they there?

• For controlling people

• To warn people

• For leading people

53. The ……… is where people gather in the case of a fire for roll call

• Security Office

• Assembly Point

• General Ward

• Smoking Zone

54. What scenarios might occur at an accident scene?

• Crime scene 

• Conflict zone

• Crowded

• All of the above

55. ……… property is protected by private security.

• State

• Institution

• Client

• Common

56. When you say that people are treated differently based on their ethnicity, nationality, caste, or religion, what exactly do you mean?

• Equality

• Cooperation

• Discrimination

• Leadership

57. The landlord-tenant conflict is governed by

• Criminal Law

• Penal Law

• Civil Law

• Islamic Law

58. The scene of a fire could also be a crime scene; who should you call?

• Team leader

• Police

• Client

• Supervisor

59. The elements of fire are: 

• Oxygen

• Fuel

• Heat

• All of the above

60. Which of the following types of fire is artificial?

• Volcano

• Sun

• Arson

• None of the above 

61. What does security screening of visitors mean?

• Taking a close look at the guests

• Looking for an activity on the closed-circuit TV screens

• A valid ticket or identification, no drugs or alcohol in possession, and no prohibited goods

62. What should be written down in a notebook?

• Drawings

• Assumption

• Hearsay

• Facts

63. Which of the following approaches is the most effective way to search the vehicle? 

• Beginning from the front and concluding at the back

• Start from  the left-hand side and end at the right-hand side

• Finish from where you have started

• Start from the right-hand side and end at the left-hand side

64. Any suspicious thing could be located at

• Staircase

• Corridor

• Roof

• Everywhere

65. A ……… is the legal representative you have in court if you were charged in a case

• Judge

• Defense Lawyer

• Lawyer

• Prosecutor

66. Medical waste disposal poses ………. 

• Radiation Hazards

• Psychological Hazards

• Physical Hazards

• Biological Hazards

67. A person who is ……… will have the knowledge and disposition to perform their duties as effectively as feasible.

• Inactive

• Passive

• Professional

• Illogical

68. What should security personnel in the museum do initially if a security alarm is set off?

• Leaving the location

• In the hall, zone, or area where the alarm is sounding, seal all entry and exit points

• Arrest anyone who appears suspicious

69. Use ……… when writing an incident report.

• 5H and 1W

• 5W and 1H

• 4W and 2H

• 2W and 4H

70. Which of the following best characterizes the situation of disagreement in views and interests between two or more people?

• Teamwork

• Conflict

• Leadership

• Cooperation

71. What criteria do clients look for in a candidate?

• Quantity

• Quality

• Nothing

72. Which sorts of arrests are proper under United Arab Emirates law?

• Reliable witness 

• Red handed

• Warrant of arrest 

• All of the above

73. There are three main categories of alarms: ………, fire, and distress

• Gas

• Intrusion

• Regular

• Natural

74. What is the Key to Accidents? 

• Prevention

• Reporting

• Call Civil Defense

• First Aid

75. Secure, safe, and ……… from danger are all terms used to describe security.

• Prevention 

• Safety

• Free

• Safe

76. What kinds of risks are guarded by security personnel?

• Artificial Hazards

• Natural Hazards

• Both of the above

• None of the above

77. In dealing with an emergency, what is crucial?

• Prepare for it to occur

• Prepare for the past event

• Prepare for completion 

78.  In terms of bank security, what does CIT, an abbreviation, stand for?

• Cash In Transaction

• Commercial Investment Trading

• Cash In Transit

79. While entering the protected area, what should you do if someone objects to being searched?

• Restrict access, record personal information, and report an incident ASAP

• Take the individual to the recreation area while you wait for additional instructions

• Make a call to the management and request an approval

• Give him access to the space

80. What types of incidents are frequently observed at parks, beaches, and other public areas?

• Fire and theft

• Violent behavior and bad weather

• Water leakage and power interruption 

81. During an evacuation, who should be prioritized?

• Old people, Pregnant women, Children, and POD

• Contractors

• Rich tenants

• Visitors

82. What is the suggested interval for an operator to watch the CCTV footage?

• 1 minute

• 3 minutes

• 5 minutes

• 10 minutes

83. As the event took place, taking down the incident’s specifics should be done:

• After completion of the event

• As soon as possible

• When you make an incident report

• When your supervisor tells you

84. What is First Aid’s purpose?

• Promotion of Recovery

• Prevention of further Injuries

• Preservation of Life

• All of the above

85. Let’s say you are trying to preserve the accident scene. In which case, are you free to move on and concentrate on anything else?

• It’s time for Handover to the next shift

• When there is a minor maintenance issue 

• When your break time starts

• If more harm or risk to others’ safety is likely to occur

86. What are some of the things that prevent people from communicating effectively?

• Stereotyping and Prejudice

• Lack of confidence

• Differences in culture and languages

• All of the above

87. In the health and safety industry, what is the full form of the abbreviation MSDS?

• Material System Data Sheet 

• Material Safety Data Sheet

• Monthly Security Duty Sheet 

• Monthly Schedule Dynamic System

88. What does the acronym SOP mean?

• Standard Operation Protocol

• Stand Open Point

• Standard Operating Procedure

• Search Operation Protocol

89. Even though the majority of bomb threats are ………, all of them must be taken seriously.

• Real

• Fake

• Good

• None of the above

90. In the event of an emergency involving life-or-death scenarios in the UAE, a male security guard can rescue a woman with acceptable touches.

• True

• False

91. In the security field, going to inspect every location to make sure everything is secure and normal is known as: 

• Petrol

• Patrol

• Reporting

• Evacuation

92. The three types of alarm monitoring are Central, Local, and  ………. 

• Institutional

• Modern

• Remote

• Advanced

93. What age is required to become a licensed security guard?

• 18 years

• 20 years 

• 21 years

• 23 years

94. Are the security Logbooks considered legal documents in court? 

• Yes

• Maybe

• No 

95. What needs to be taken from the customer if you need to search for them?

• Instruction

• Request

• Order

• Consent

96. In the absence of ……… authorization, a security guard should not carry any weapons.

• Police department



• Your Company

97. The purpose of physical security being provided inside an oil and gas plant is for: 

• To collaborate with others so that the business can offer the UAE a sufficient service

• To ensure that employees are working in a secure setting

• Protect against terrorism, accidents, and other illegal activity as well as destruction

• None of the above

98. A security guard has the following duties:

• Issue fines to violators

• Arrest criminals

• Search on private property 

• Observation and Reporting

99. UVSM is an abbreviation for:

• Unified Verification Serial Measurement

• Under Vehicle Search Mirror

• Union of Vehicle Servicing Management 

100. What is presented in court to support facts or rulings made during an investigation? 

• Anticipatory Bail 

• Emergency Evacuation Plan

• Evidence

• Arrest Warrant 

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101. In hospitals, the most frequent security risk is ……

• Murder

• Biological hazards

• Theft and Robbery

• Rape

102. What are the 4’Ds?

• Date, Dentist, Doctor, Device

• Deter, Detect, Deny, Danger

• Deter, Detect, Deny, Delay

103. Whose safety is more crucial in every incident scene?

• Client

• Company staff

• Visitors

• Your own

104. From the list below, select a natural hazard 

• Medical waste

• Earthquake

• Arson

• None of them

105. Which of the following must be treated carefully as it pertains to the important component of an investigation?

• Crime Scene

• Evidence

• Witness

• None of the above 

106. Escort in CIT is accountable for:

• While moving, carry the CIT container 

• Walks alongside and guards the courier

• In charge of controlling, operating, and parking the vehicle

107. The appropriate sentence regarding access control is:

• Keep track of the number of people walking into the building.

• Always keep track of the movements of individuals and vehicles

• Keep an eye on how many vehicles are entering a facility.

108. What does WTMD stand for?

• Water Tank Measurement Device

• Walk Through Metal Detector

• Walkie-Talkie Message Decoder

• Walk Through Mechanical Door

109. Methods of fire suppression are: 

• Fire Hose Reel

• Fire Blanket

• Fire Extinguisher

• All of the above

110. In the United Arab Emirates, private security helps the police by maintaining a safe and stable 

• City

• Society

• Criminal

111. Which of the following statements relates to “Blood Money”?

• Sharia Law

• Penal Law

• Civil Law

112. Who is the charge of NSI training? 

• Police

• Trainee

• Instructor

• Company

113. What does HHMD stand for? 

• House Hold Materials Decoration

• Health Hygiene Mesure Data

• Hand Held Metal Detector

114. Having a strategy to evacuate a facility and ……… are the two most important aspects of an emergency evacuation. 

• Conflict with panic 

• Conducting without panic

• Construction with panic

115. ……… is a component of deportment.

• Posture

• Assignment

• Imaginative

• Creative

116. What can security guards do to vehicles that don’t comply with the rules of the site? 

• Withdraw the vehicle keys 

• Deflate the tires

• Deny access to the vehicle and report management

• Argue with drivers 

117. The report’s primary point can be highlighted in the ………. 

• Introduction

• Body

• Summary

118. If a severe storm warning has been issued, you must …… 

• Stay indoors

• Hide under the tree

• Continue driving

• Seek transport

119. CIT task gear consists of:

• Coin bags, pepper spray, IT container, Handbag

• Coin bags, pellet gun, pepper spray, hand bad 

• CIT container, Handheld reaccept scanner, Coin bags, Armoured vehicle

120. What kind of security threat occurs most frequently at seaports and airports?

• Murder

• Rape

• Cargo theft during loading and unloading

• Fraud

121. People, property, and ……… are all protected by private security

• Healthcare

• Data storage

• Water

• Life

122. Right and privilege and ………. are the fundamental purposes of the law.

• Obligation

123. In the UAE, ……… is the division in charge of nuclear security regulations.



• Police


124. The high-security area may not always be suited for Personal ……… 

• Conflict 

• Relation

• Recognition

125. If a person has agreed with the security guard to be searched due to some strange behavior, where should they sign the note of consent?

• White Paper

• Blank Paper

• Security Logbook

• Graph Paper

126. What exactly are a program and the data that a person or business has obtained?

• Personal Property

• Public Property

• Intellectual Property

• Community Property

127. In the museum, a counterfeit means extremely costly items

• True

• False

128. There are both ……….. and natural emergencies.

• Man-made

• Violent 

• Aggressive 

• Peace

129. A security guard presented the following evidence to the court:

• Fingerprint

• Knives

• Logbook with an incident report 

• CCTV footage

130. In hospitals, what code is used when a baby or child who is not reacting is experiencing a medical emergency?

• Red

• Purple

• Pink 

• Green

131. What action can you take to slow down the crowd? 

• Deploy lots of security guards to maintain the crowd

• Deny access to some people to keep the place less crowded 

• Place zigzagged barriers in front of the access control point

132. How do you define trespassing?

• Unusual behavior at the workplace

• An aggressive act at work

• Unlawful access to a restricted location

• Stepping into a violent place

133. Which is the usual X-ray imaging color for directing biological stuff? 

• Green

• Yellow

• Orange

• White

134. Which circumstances should you avoid trying to manage the crowd?

• In a team

• Alone

• In the presence of Local Authority

135. What types of security risks are present in banks?

• Bomb threat

• Theft and robbery

• Murder

• Rape

136. Which two operational divisions does CIT have?

• Static and mobile 

• Vehicle mounted and dismounted

• Internal and external 

• Online and offline 

137. If a delivery person brings a package to one of the units in your building but the tenant is not present at the time, the delivery person may ask you to take the package and deliver it to the renter when he arrives. As a security officer, how do you respond?

• Grab the parcel and hold onto it until the tenant shows up

• Tell him you don’t have permission to store the materials

• Instruct him to keep the parcel close to the door of the flat

• Get the confirmation by calling the tenant

138. Who is in charge of creating guidelines for Approving Security companies?


• Police

• Client

• Customer

139. How can the incident scene be protected?

• Staying at the reception

• Barrigating area with whatever is available

• Going for patrolling 

• Taking breaks

140. Which color pen is appropriate to use when writing in your notebook?

• Green 

• Red

• Blue

• Black

141. When you admit someone without a valid pass just because they are a relative, that is ……. 

• Professionalism

• Ethical manner

• Unethical manner

• Good approach

142. ………. is the knowledge of right and wrong, good and bad, as well as the recognition of moral obligations.

• Ethics

• Discrimination

• Intolerance

• Prejudice

143. While evacuating a building during a fire, which of the following actions is not advised?

• Assist POD 

• Waiting for an Elevator or Lift

• Use staircase

• Run towards Assembly Point in a safe way

144. ……… must be used by everyone to protect themselves.

• Escape

• Force

• Arguments

• Debates

145. What tasks are security guards responsible for performing on CIT?

• Inform your friends about the happenings at work

• Keep yourself safe, avoid discussing work with others, and drive carefully

• Leave the vehicle unattended 

• Sharing data with outside parties

146. What should you do and avoid if you come across a suspicious package?

• Avoid using a radio and avoiding setting off any fire alarms

• Turn on the radio and the fire alarm system

• Avoid using a radio but set off the fire alarm

147. The ideal strategy for resolving disputes is:

• Bargaining

• Avoiding

• Problem-Solving

• Competing

148. Always keep this in mind when using a fire extinguisher; 



• Label

• Colour

149. The RACE approach is appropriate for

• Lost and found 

• Fire

• Maintenance

• Accidents

150. What responsibilities does the CIT driver have?

• Guards and walks alongside the courier

• Walking while carrying the CIT container

• Accountable for controlling the vehicle’s navigation, driving, and parking

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151. Typically, a traffic management strategy will contain the following details:

• Procedures for handover and takeover of shifts

• Who controls the site’s data

• Implementation and escalation protocol

152. What among the following qualifies as bad communication?

• Giving a customer a polite refusal to enter  who doesn’t match the standards for admittance 

• Requesting someone to settle down following a fight

• Shouting at the individual to demonstrate your power

153. A heat detector’s function is to detect smoke. 

• True

• False

154. Security personnel must be able to demonstrate why they had a legitimate need for employing force and that it wasn’t ………. 

• Important

• Extreme

• Valuable

• Reasonable

155. In major security threats like kidnapping

• Reasonable force

• Deadly force

• Minimum force

• None of the above

156. It shouldn’t undertake ………. unless there is a true emergency.

• Male to Male Search

• Female to Female Search

• Mixed-Gender Search

• None of the above 

157. How should you respond if someone asks why you’re searching?

• It is not necessary to inform 

• Tell them the truth

• Tell them a fake reason

158. The results of ………. allow for quick and efficient completion of tasks.

• Solo work

• Teamwork

• Hardwork

• Small Step

159. ………. is the act of treating a person or thing negatively due to a personal belief.

• Discretion

• Discrimination 

• Prejudice

• Stereotyping

160. When should the vehicles be checked?

• Whenever nobody is in the vehicle

• When it arrives at the location or departs from the site

• As it travels along a busy route

161. ……… is the main factor in fire-related fatalities or injuries.

• Direct burn

• Jumping from building

• Lack of oxygen brought on by smoke

• Falling at Staircase

162. What should you do if someone is trapped behind the fire doors during a fire? 

• Open the door for him

• Let him open the door himself

• Break the door

Even if someone is left behind, never try to open the fire door from behind you. The fire will eventually get worse as the oxygen level increases. Let him open the door by himself so he can escape before more oxygen is added to the flames.

163. To whom should you give priority in an accident? 

• Old Citizen

• Females

• Injured People

• Visitor

164. The client permitted you to look through the workers’ items as they left the job site. Which of the following statements fits the situation?

• Tell your client that you lack the authority to search.

• Search with force

• You have been given authority, therefore you don’t need anyone’s cooperation

• Make a note in the logbook after obtaining consent

165. The AVPU method—which stands for ……… —is used to assess a casualty’s level of awareness. 

• Alarm, Voice, Patrol, Unresponsive

• Alert, Vein, Pain, Unresponsive

• Alert, Voice, Pain, Unresponsive

166. An operator in a control room is responsible for several tasks. Which of the following statements is truest to life?

• Check ID is shown, check radios, and check uniforms.

• Fingerprint check, team meeting, notebook review

• Daily system inspections, live video monitoring, and video patrols

167. What is your first response if a victim is bleeding heavily?

• Call Ambulance 

• Give CPR

• Carry him to the Hospital

• Stop bleeding

168. The area must be …… by a security officer, who should only permit authorized individuals inside the crime scene area.

• Engaged with tenants

• Cordoned Off

• Leave Unattended

• Pictured for a friend circle

169. What does “ATC” represent in terms of airport security?

• Auto Traffic Command

• Air Traffic Control

• Automatic Tetra Communication

170. Which of the following behaviors is regarded as violent?

• If someone threatens another individual

• If you observe someone yelling at someone else

• Whenever anybody engages in unarmed violence against others

171. The advantages of a foot patrol are:

• While on duty, the patrolling officer may smoke

• Reduces vehicle usage and fuel costs

• Make use of human sensibilities

• Personally meet a friend and chat to kill time

172. What additional steps need to be performed if a detection is made utilizing the luggage X-ray system?

• Decide quickly if the object requires more investigation

• Do a physical examination of the object to verify its contents

• Do nothing and allow the object to pass

173. What steps should you take if your clothing catches fire?

• Run at top speed so that the wind can extinguish the flames

• Spray a fire extinguisher on your clothes

• Shout for assistance

• Roll around on the floor and following the extinguishing of the fire, cool off with water

174. Methods of fire extinguishment are: 

• Starvation & Smothering

• Inhibiting chemical reaction

• Cooling

• All of the above

175. Conflict can arise from issues like 

• Positive attitude 

• Good communication skills

• Politeness

• Stress, verbal abuse, and an untidy workplace

176. In traffic management, What instruction does it mean to cross the arms above the head?

• Stop

• Proceed

• Return

• U-turn

177. What constitutes a distinct incident at a hotel or other destination?

• Chemical hazards, Vehicle crash

• Terrorism, Violent behavior, Fire, and missing children

• Violent behavior, Bad weather, and Biological hazards

178. The guards’ workplace and business operations are inspected for compliance. 

• Police

• Client

• An ASSD inspector


179. The inner public zone and the private zone are separated by a key control, why?

• Stopping kids from playing in there

• So that the bank manager can grant access

• Stop unapproved personnel from entering

180. ……… are the most effective search-related tools that you have access to.

• Your ears

• Your nose

• Your eyes

• Your skin

181. In each emirate, what is known as the primary court according to sharia law?

• Court of the First Institute

• Court of the first instance

• Court of a first instruction

• Court of the Emirates

182. Implementing an access control policy is done for the following reasons:

• Preventing criminals from accessing the location

• Recognizing and addressing security threats to the organization, its personnel, and visitors

• Eliminate damage to property

183. Evacuate the building’s ……… radius in case of fire.

• 50 meter

• 100 meter

• 200 meter 

• 500 meter

184. Fall and Slip come under ………..  Hazard. 

• Chemical

• Biological

• Physical

• Psychological

185. Fire drill must be conducted every ……… 

• One month

• Three month

• Six months

• One year

186. ……… is your most valuable tool when dealing with challenging individuals.

• Your Superiority 

• Your Authority

• Your Attitude

• None of the above

187. If you see someone who appears to have been struck in the head and has blood pouring from their nose. Which of the following situations is more probable to take place?

• Asthma

• Heart stroke

• Electrical shock

• Skull fracture

188. What would you do if someone came up to you and reported their child missing?

• Recommend checking the ice cream stands

• Say that you’ll keep an eye out for any kids who seem to be lonely

• As soon as you can, inform your security manager and/or the police about the problem

189. The following are the major security threats to the events:

• The door handle is loose

• Drainage blockage

• Harsh weather, Dangerous materials, Structure failure, Lasers, and Fireworks

190. What precautions must you take if you have to deal with confiscated goods?

• For optimal vision in the sun, put on sunglasses

• Use a logbook

• Avoid contaminating evidence by using gloves

191. What steps should you do, if a customer shouts at you?

• Call Police

• Inform Supervisor

• Try to calm down

• Shout back

192. In CIT, the courier’s duties are as follows:

• Responsible for vehicle navigation, driving, and parking

• When walking, transport the CIT container

• Accompanies and protects the courier

193. Which method is applicable for a fire escape in a place with huge smoke? 



• Jumping

• Crawling or Crouching

194. When using the HHMD, pay close attention to ………. 

• Chest area and Pockets

• The waist and Ankles

• Pocket areas and Shoulders

• Pocket areas, Ankles, The waist, and Under the arms

195. If the driver objects to being searched, what should the security guard do?

• Give access 

• Deny access

• Shout at the driver

• Search forcefully

196. What is the inspection point’s primary responsibility?

• Looking for valuable items such as gold jewelry and teeth

• X-ray operation and examination

• Ensuring that passengers remove their shoes

197. If you notice someone acting suspiciously, what should you do first?

• Keep eye contact and carry on with your patrol.

• Inform the control room of these right away

• Make a note of them in your notebook and write down this information.

• Wait until someone approaches you to raise the matter

198. ………., which are required for traffic controllers, make it easier for vehicle drivers to see them, particularly in low-light conditions.

• Gloves and Caps

• Sunglass

• High-visibility vests

199. What kind of fire extinguisher would be most effective in putting out an electrical fire without doing too much harm?

• Water

• CO2

• Foam

• Wet chemical

200. On-site parking offenses can be enforced by issuing a?

• Parking fines and tickets

• Warnings are given verbally

• The window sticker 

Thanks a lot for reading our article based on the PSBD exam questions and answers models. Best of luck with your examination. 

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